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    - Dual custom AK betas (no stocks) running on li-ions and drum mags - Custom gloss black Ika Zuki Thunder Maul - WE PDW open bolt (with RA-TECH parts) - GHK PDW - TM PSG-1 - KWA SR10 - CYMA CM050 Romanian AK47 - Thompson (with custom blowback) - Classic Army M249 - WE SCAR - G&P Mk23 Stoner - VFC PDW - VFC M&P9c - KWC Glock - WE 1911 - KJW 1911 - HFC MAC11 - KWA MAC11 - TM hi-capa 5.1
  1. Bumppp!!! Moving in less than a week so send me some offers!
  2. Haven't been on the forums for a while but I'm back with an E&L AK-47. I bought it with the intention of having a gun other than an m4 but I'm moving so it has to go. Bought from a local brick and mortar store ordered direct from the factory. Gun was test fired at the store with a brand new battery I bought specifically for this gun. NEVER FIELDED Includes - Gun - Original box - E&L factory product inspection and test sheet - Original magazine (fits perfectly with no wobble) - E&L black flash hider that came with the gun - Extra fuse - Brand new G&P 1200mah 30c 7.4v lipo (converted to deans) - Empty gun "oil" bottle that came with the gun Modifications - Gun and battery converted to deans at the store by a technician before I picked it up. Lowered to $280 shipped to continental U.S.!!! Paypal ONLY!! Thanks for looking!! :D
  3. Hey everyone! I haven't sold guns on the forum in a while but I'm back with an E&L AK. I bought it brand new from a local brick and mortar airsoft store about 2 months ago. Unfortunately bills are coming up and it needs to go. NEVER FIELDED BRAND NEW Comes with - Original box and papers - E&L magazine - E&L black metal flashhider - G&P 7.4v 1200 mah 30c lipo stick battery Asking: $350 shipped! Thanks for looking!!!
  4. Paypal only or cash in person No trades looking for cash Everything sold as is to the best of my ability. KWA KM4 RIS Included: - Everything seen in the picture above - 4 m4 mags - Tan AFG - Suppressor $250 OBO Motorola HT1000 Never used in a skirmish. Programmed to work through channel 9 (sub channel 0) Not sure how long the battery lasts. $35 Thanks for looking!!
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