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  1. Just received my gun today. It was brand new as stated. Fast shipping and good communication. Buy with confidence. If I didnt already have too many guns, I would definitely get another. Great deal on these guns.
  2. I always suggest an AR for starters. In the beginning your gonna want to play with all the accessories and stuff that go on guns. After a while that gets old and people usually buy a second gun thats way different either in looks or class.(sub, assault, lmg, etc). I run guns that I own in real steel so that way im training with the same platforms.
  3. I can swap out the flash hider also if you don't like this one.
  4. Arms "COLT" CQB-R M4 GBBR This is a very realistic, Hard kicking, Full metal GBBR. Its the hardest kicking airsoft gun that I ever tried. It comes with 4 "speed buffers". Each one installed increases the ROF. IT SHOOTS FAST AND HARD!! Here is a list of extras installed 1. Madbull PWS Diablo CQB amplifier 2. Magpul PTS handguard 3.Magpul MBUS rear sight 4. Magpul rubber grip 5. Magpul trigger guard 6. Magpul MOE with enhanced rubber butt pad 7. unknown sling adapter 8. 3ea.Magpul PTS PMAGS ( 1 of the mags was repaired. all 3 hold gas great) ONLY USED 1 GAME. LIKE NEW CONDITION. $225 shipped.
  5. whats the FPS on the custom SPR please ? metal lower ?
  6. still have this gun for sale http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?p=15150363#post15150363
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