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  1. I know there is about 3 or four guys in the round rock/ Georgetown area that play. I used to live there but moved. Ill let them know of your post...
  2. I may have a spare, I can measure, or sell you it. Its a busy week so I won't find out for a few days....
  3. X2 Both my outdoor guns shoot under 350 fps. I could have changed them but they do fine.
  4. Small type 9.6V should do it. That what I used and it worked great. EDI- On the nun chuck, I have no idea I had dean plugs on mine and no one else did, so I never tried it.
  5. Here is the video explaining what I did to fit a 9.6V (not my vid)
  6. Yep Im sure. The JG has a thicker outer barrel with a groove with space for a 8.4V that needs to be grinded to fit a 9.6V.
  7. A 9.6 will NOT fit in a JG M4 s-system. There is a conversion you can do with a dremel to make them fit (look on youtube), which I did. Besides it being heavy its a great gun. Good Luck...
  8. I have been wanting to do something like this for a while, many of the items you have chosen are similar to the ones I'd by. Im looking forward to seeing the results of this build. Good Luck!
  9. The G&G M14 is a hybrid version2/3 gear box not a version 7 any mosfet will work I had the extreme fire AB mosfet in mine and no problems with fitting wires. buy the one you want and enjoy....
  10. same as others- check with your local airsoft groups, there always a 3 or 4 savy techs within a group, most would do it for free (at least the ones Ive met.) have the same gun, let us know what you find out( mine hasn't had problems like that)
  11. live in rexburg and im willing to play.... sorry for posting on old post
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