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  1. So I just purchased this rifle http://www.evike.com/products/23870/ After looking at the item number I've found out that it is the X-series and not the cheaper Spartan Version. I'm curious what the trademarks are now since the page says it doesn't feature ArmaLite trades anymore.
  2. Would this hop up chamber work in the Echo 1 P90?
  3. The gearbox is absolutely as far forward as it can go. As far as the gearbox goes, it has the blue numbers on the side you were talking about. The gearbox seems to be a spitting image of the TM gearbox. My biggest issue is the feeding problem. Should I just go ahead and but the complete Echo 1 gearbox for it and see if that works? That what I had planned to do to remedy the problem.
  4. I got a used Echo 1 E90 in a trade and the gun wont fire a single bb. First of all I took the gearbox out because the motor wires were disconnected, then when I put the gearbox in and the bracket that holds it in from the back on I noticed the air nozzle doesn't cycle back far enough for the bb to drop in the hop up chamber. I also noticed that this an older version of the gun as the gearbox is silver and the bushings are plastic. When I separate the upper receiver I notice that it doesn't go on and it acts as if the air nozzle is to high up to fit into the hop up. Is there an issue on my end with not properly seating the gearbox?
  5. Interested in the G&P M4 RIS kit and a bungee sling
  6. I'm using TSD Bio BBs. I'm going to check out what my local army navy store has in stock in a few days. Till then I may settle with Wally World BBs if I candine something other then Crossman.
  7. So today I'll be getting in my Madbull 6.03 "Black Python" tightbore as well as some deans connectors for the wiring and battery. I'll post some pictures and reviews up later with the results. Edit: With .2's the accuracy hasn't seemed to change. It's rather disappointing. I'm hoping .25's will make the difference :/
  8. If changing my cylinder wasn't an option right now and my choices were between a JBU 363mm 6.03 and a Madbull Ver. 2 455mm what would you suggest?
  9. Would a 455mm barrel work fine with a stock M4 cylinder? Would there be any issues with using it? It's a Madbull Type 2 tightbore.
  10. To what degree does the AEG Burst Wizard actually protect your gun? Does it protect the trigger contacts and motor from over turning?
  11. I believe the RDW is the same as the D Boys found here Also shipping from that web site will be high.
  12. Here save yourself some money man.
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