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  1. M24 Snow Wolf (Still needs flip-up lens covers and lower scope mounts)
  2. Here´s my M24 Snow Wolf Custom Camo Job (Still needs flip-up lens covers and lower scope mounts)
  3. Hi guys, here's 2 of my M4's: M4CQBR ICS (used to be a M4 Pistol), with Madbull 6,03 precision barrel, shooting around 370fps Oberland Arms 15 M7 King Arms, internals all stock, shooting around 365-370fps Sorry for phone pics, but no camera at the moment... Cheers!
  4. Here´s one of my M4's (Not pictured but my mags are all PMags)
  5. Just added a Madbull 6.02 precision barrel, improved about 20fps Any sugestions to improve range?
  6. Hi guys, can you please give me some help on transforming a M4A1 GBB rifle from KJW into a CQBR (shorter version), I don't know if the outer barrel fits in the gun like the AEG models so I don't know if I should buy an external barrel (AEG model) to try to fit it in.. Do you guys know any ASF or youtube links that can help me? In Portugal it's very dificult to find GBB rifle acessories and parts... Thanks for your help!
  7. Can you please tell me in a few quick steps how do I put a MAGPUL ASAP Strap Sling in a ICS M4 CQBR? Thanks a lot for your help!
  8. Thanks a lot for your help, I've tryed high quality bb's and it still happens, the magazine is realy cheap plastic garbage so the problem should come from it... The only way to shoot nicely is to put only 1 bb in the mag... :-(
  9. Can someone please tell me what should I do when my gun (M24 Snow Wolf) double feeds and 2 bb's are shot? Thanks!
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