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  1. Hi Guys, well after an unexpected break in publication (see News From The Front for an explanation) the latest edition of Recon-Rag is now up for grabs. For those of you that are new to Airsoft this a bi-monthly free online magazine about all things 'Airsofty'. As usual there are lots of gun and kit reviews as well as a Zombie weekend event aftermath. Hope you enjoy it and if you'd like to contribute please just give us a shout on the contact form in the mag.
  2. Hi Guys, Just to let you know that the latest issue of Recon-Rag was released today. 72 pages crammed with reviews on guns, kit & pyro's. If you haven't read it before why not visit. www.recon-rag.com If you feel you could contribute something to the mag please use the contact form in the magazine to get in touch. Enjoy! Airsoft Mum
  3. Hi Guys, Just my Bi-monthly visit to your forums to let you know that your latest copy of Recon-Rag went live about 10 minutes ago. This edition has 60 pages of great content, including Reviews, Tech Guides, Eugene Stoner's Biography, Newbie Guides, Best of 2011 Awards....and then some! As always, just visit www.recon-rag.com and browse away to your heart's content. If any of you fancy contributing to the next (March) issue you can contact me via the magazine. Hope you enjoy the magazine and if there's any subject that you'd like us to write about just fill in the form on the "Reader's Letters" page. Airsoft Mum
  4. Hi Guys, Just to let you know that the latest edition of Recon-Rag is now available to download, and is as always free! Hope you enjoy it! www.recon-rag.com
  5. Today is a very important day - Remebrance Day. Please take a moment out of your busy schedule to consider what our lives would be like if so many good people had not made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. This is something that we often take for granted. The fact that we do take our freedom for granted is a luxury that the fallen could not afford. For this I am grateful.
  6. Dmitri, I can see what you're trying to say, but if we all held the defeatest belief that what we do doesn't make any difference, well, the world would be in an even worse state than it is. I can remember people commenting 15 years ago on those 'strange energy saving light bulbs' that I had in my house. By this time next year those energy saving light bulbs will be the only ones you're permitted to buy in Europe .... it took a while, but it's a result. Or when we started using home made Bio Fuel in our Land Rover, well now you can buy Bio fuel everywhere. All I'm trying to suggest is that because other people don't care about the planet on which we live doesn't mean that we should not try to make a difference. Take the moral high ground and respect our world.....you'll sleep better at night Bud :)
  7. I've got to say that the Airsofters on this thread that believe that standard BB's are good for the environment are sadly misinformed. leaving plastic on the ground to leach toxins into the soil is not environmentally friendly. The USA has a really poor global reputation for being environmentally friendly or aware as it is, which saddens me I must say. I noticed that some test were carried out a few years ago with regards to degradation of Bio BB's, please be aware that over the past 2 - 3 years Bio BB's have come on in leaps and bounds. In the UK many Airsoft Sites will only allow the use of Bio BB's, and to my knowledge no-one has had problems with BB's being unstable or dangerous. As for people posting comments which give such blatant dis-information as all Bio BB's are dangerous, well, one must ask the question, are they simply ignorant, or do they have something to gain from making such incorrect sweeping statements? It worries me that newbies may read some of these comments and believe that Bio BB's are the Devil's spawn and standard BB's are the only safe option. Please consider the consequences of your words before you type them.
  8. Start of your story was really admirable, but it's a shame (in my opinion) that after showing the new kid how 'sporting' we Airsofters can be you then showed him how to be 'unsporting' by breaking the rules. You'd alreaady proved to him that not all Airsofters are jerks by kindly letting him use your guns, and you even shot the offending guy with the "Walmart' gun - justice had been served. Then you went a tad too far and taught him that if you don't like someone, or their actions then you can disregard the rules. Hope that I haven't offended you, it's just some food for thought!
  9. Hiya, It's been a while since I was last on the forums, because I've been busy with the magazine. Just wanted to give you the heads up that it goes live today. As usual, it's totally free (and not crammed with adverts!). You'll find it at the usual place ( www.recon-rag.com ). This issue is one that we're really proud of, so I hope you like it. If you can think of anything that we could add to improve the mag just PM me. Cheers Guys - enjoy!
  10. I personally wouldn't touch RedWolf, they are cr*p at customer services. Try www.airsoftworld.net they're customer service is the best I've found to date
  11. Susan Madley

    new bioshot bb's!

    Don't you guys have Biospheres in the US? In Britain they're really popular, and they only take 3 - 6 months to degrade. Can't believe the guy that says he still has biodegradable BB's in his backyard after a year.....just when exactly are they gonna degrade??
  12. Hi Guys! Firstly I would like to thank Forum users for their input into the May edition of the magazine. (If you haven't read it yet it's... www.recon-rag.com) Am thinking about writing an article for the July issue concerning the possibilities of the law changes regarding Airsoft in California. Basically I'm after your thoughts........so knock yourselves out!
  13. Fog Tech is definatley the product to use. However, if you need it for tomorrow you might not be able to get it in time, so here's an old paintballer's trick for you to try. All you need is some washin-up-liquid detergent, and a paper tissue. Smear the detergent onto the facemask, and then buff it off. It works, believe me, it's what we oldies did before Fog Tech was invented! Enjoy the game!
  14. Where to begin? Broke my wrist throwing a sand bag! Got shot up the nose with a Beeb whilst playing CQB (wearing only eye protection - duh!) had to borrow a multi-tool from another player to use the pliers to remove the BB - that one hurt more than the wrist! Then there was the time when some-one emptied their Mac 11 mag into the back of my hand at point blank range.....that was a bit ugly.....only time that I've truly lost the rag whilst playing airsoft - thought I was gonna kill the guy, then found out that he was a newbie. So, took a deep breath and explained the rules to him. What can you do? We were all new once!
  15. Right guys, due to people who said they could do an article now being too busy (oops!) I'm looking for a couple of articles for the next issue. If any-one would like to contribute you can contact me on susan.madley<AT>gmail.com This is the USA's chance to get their voice heard in the largest free e-magazine. So if you think you've got something worth saying about Airsoft, why not give it a try. For those of you that don't know Recon-Rag you can visit our website and get an idea of what we're about. I really hope that some of you guys would like to take part.
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