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  1. I am not afflitated with Hailestorm in anyway. I bought a bag of .38 bbs and cut open a few dozen. I didnt find a bubble anywhere. They all feed and had great accuracy. HUGE difference from the .4 matrix, biovals and madbull and .43 madbulls which have huge off centered bubbles in about every round. Days of crappy heavyweights are over!!! Havnt tried any other weight in Hailestorm yet.
  2. My KWA M4a1 barrel unscrewed into a cqb length. I also had a KWA cqb that looked like it would shorten by a few inches. It wouldnt and I broke the barrel in half so be careful :(
  3. Just make sure after you drop that 140 spring in that you can still use the guns at fields. You are looking at 450-480 fps there.
  4. If you get shot, you should immediately remove yourself from the area to prevent getting shot more. Arms up, red flag in air. If you need to wait for a medic please make yourself as visible as possible. I am tired of hearing "Im freaking hit" from someone who is dead that is moving around in a bunker or someone with a kill rag hunkered behind a tree only showing their butt. Getting lit up dead is usually your fault, unless you run into that who thinks 2 red glow sticks on my head during a night game is there just to give him a chance...
  5. Xcortech is around $100 and good. I like mine and I see alot of other people using them. There are better ones but they get expensive quick.
  6. There should be a pin at the top corner you can push out. Then remove the small peice the pin held in. Now you should be able to slide the case off of the "top" of the magazine. My guess is there is a round bb follower inside on a spring that comes loose alot of hicaps.
  7. Connectivity wise I can grab a snack in between clicks. No other forums provide so much trouble.
  8. 180 feet for .3s at 400 fps does not sound too bad. You have to remember that the only real difference between a p* engine and an AEG when it comes to range is fps consistency. The only real way to increase range while staying at the same fps is to increase bb weight. Example, my 525fps rifle will lob .30s to 200-230 feet. When I switch to .43 it increases to 275 to 300. It cant launch .2s further than 150 probably.
  9. Function over form but I don't think many people will buy a finished product that looks like that.
  10. I understand your commitment and loyalty but if there is not a law regarding the wearing of a patch I believe the kid can do whatever he wants.
  11. Ive never noticed this before on my AEGs. I just recently shot my m14 in the morning and noticed a c02 like vapor coming out of the barrel during each shot. Im thinking its just water vapor from the compression of the air.
  12. Yes they were in inches. They were all really close to full inch measurements but I rounded up.
  13. 33x6x2 is what I got in the widest areas for a socom
  14. This is the first time I've seen the ARL stick out the back of the gun. Ive only worked on a GG and a JG V2 and haven't seen that before
  15. Besides the mentioned fact that DMRs are not recommend for first time builds, I wouldn't bother if your field only allows 400 to 450 for dmr. At 399 fps the difference in range would be negligible, you would get to keep full auto, and wouldn't have to worry about larger minimum engagement distance. Over 500fps I would reconsider but not for 450 if autos are running 400.
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