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  1. the stock airseal ridicilous mass leak, so need to open for bring seal back for can reach 400 fps. They have weird nozzle system which no o-ring no make it 100%.
  2. then guide me a right way, please ?
  3. update: Ordered guarder hammer spring, installed ( have to use my teeth to help re-assemble ). Test and viola, no more problem. Hope this post will help any guy got problem
  4. okay, problem came back, if I fill the magazine ( with my brand new top gas can ) over 2 seconds, it have same problem at #1. ( with KJW magazine ) on WE magazine , I only can fill 0.5s second to make that mag "work", if I fill over 0.5s, same problem #1. Is it my hammer spring is weak ? I try replaced the valve out O-ring,lube nicely, still same problem P/s : try to experiment, I take the KJW out-put valve install into WE magazine, I fill it with 3 seconds, it only stuck 2-3 rounds, after that, it shoot fine about 30+ until out of gas. And WE out-put vavle into KJW magazine, still same problem at #1. Really confused now !
  5. sorry I mean 280 fps with 0.2 ( not sure how much with .25g ). maybe try to replace bucking first. I Will report soon
  6. After fixxing shooting problem on my g23 ( problem is output vavle o-ring), I borrowed my friend chronograph, it only 230-240 fps with .25g. Everything is stock, got lubed nicely often. What part I can replace to increase some fps ? 280fps is what I want. Thanks for anyhelp.
  7. lol, I often remove that "piece", because it reduce time when I need open the gun.
  8. Got tool to take out outlet vavle. the O-ring smallest is dry ( in my We mag, it even got damaged at one side, flip around and add shock oil silicone 30wt ), work like charm again, yay. THanks guys
  9. uncompany is on holiday nows ( lunar new year) so yeah, you will wait a bit longer :D
  10. I forgot to tell, even with another magazine, still have that problem. these mag I maintance really careful. I read some where than the hammer spring always got weaker over time on Glock series, is that true ? and one more small question: is the hammer group use same with Tokyo marui G17/ Clones ?
  11. I Fill my kjw g23 with 5s green gas, cocking gun and shoot, buff.... one bb out and now blow back, I have to re-:censored2: ( like shotgun or bolt action ) lol, after 7-15 bbs, it shoot fine. What's problem for mine gun and the way fix? replace parts ? thanks
  12. a picture of your internals gearbox show up will be the best for verteran mech on forum help you. And you don't say what exactly of your battery is ? ( Nimh, lipo 2s,3s ? mah? the age of them ? )
  13. can you buy over sea? tiger airsoft111hk got clone for damm cheap
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