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  1. I'm putting together a 08' Ranger loadout / Future impression. Any pointers or tips would really help.
  2. that info is true for current gear but everything I listed was based off the circa 2008-09. not saying your wrong though.
  3. The US ARMY Rangers currently wear Multicam, but back in the circa 2008-2009 they wore ACU's with ranger green vests and pouches. pretty much every thing on the vest was RG. except the dump pouch, since I rarely see rangers with them. and the only one ive seen so far was CB or(coyote brown) they wear CIRAS or Eagle Industries vests in RG. the main things you might want to have are, - a CIRAS, MBAV/ECP, or a RBSS -an MBITR pouch -a BLock II version m4a1 with a 10.5-9.5 inch rail system and crane stock -or a Mk-16 (SCAR-H) -a MICH 2000 With a one hole shroud and rhino mount with velcro on sides and top in a RG color or rarely tan -Standard issue UCP (ACU) with IR tags. -small utlility pouch -2 double m4 mag pouches OR triple mag pouch with a double on the left side -double grenade pouch and a flashbanb pouch -tan oakley 8" boots or sawtooth boots -eagle or pantac MAP (modular assault pouch)/ AKA "backpack" -flat admin pouch this is mostly what rangers wear. its sort of a big budget loadout. but if you want to make an impression then you'll have to get down to the bone on details. if you want to save money you can buy some pantac gear (much cheaper then eagle inds.)
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