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  1. The roller on the receiver clips into the the cut in the barrel. Probably the reason its not staying on is the groove in the barrel has been worn down on the edges so the roller doesn't have enough to hold on to. This happened to one of mine, I fixed it by taking out the pin that the heat shield clips under by the front sight and ran a ziptie through the hole and the body to hold the barrel in place. That has worked on mine for two years. Hope this helps.
  2. It could be that the air nozzle is not going far enough into the hopup to make an air seal with the bucking. This could be due to the new tappet plate being shorter.
  3. To improve the consistency, you can teflon tape the cylinder head and grease the cylinder itself to get a more consistent air seal. To improve the accuracy the best thing would be get a better hop up and a tight bore barrel, the other thing that you need to do is make some barrel spacers out of foam to reduce the inner barrel from moving around in the outer barrel. Hope this helps.
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