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  1. Gun must be fully functional and complete (no missing parts, broken parts, or quick "fix-its" to be done). Guns need to have a metal gearbox as well. Looking for an AEG that shoots around 350-400 fps, preferably an M4, but will look at other full metal AEGs as well. I would like it if it came with 2 hi-cap mags or 3 mid-cap mags, but offer. Looks matter (I am not looking to buy a custom home done paint job gun), but wear and tear not so much. Please send me a PM or an email at kyle [at] gorak [dot] us for the quickest response. Please include pictures as well as a list of specs in your message. My budget is between $100 and $280. I will not pay anything over $280 (including shipping).
  2. 1. Price Range: $180~ if buying used, $220~ if buying new. Nothing in the upper $200's. 2. Play Style Mostly new to airsoft (coming from paintball) but I last time I played I was more the run and gun kind of person calling out where the other team is or stay back and shoot more from a distance. I enjoy being able to shoot with accuracy from long distances however. An extremely fast fire rate is not too critical for me, just semi-automatic is fine for me (if it is only semi automatic I will probably get another gun as a 'back up' that has a high rof but less range). 3. Play Area Old warehouse, abandoned house, woods. 4. Style Preference Doesn't matter to me. Not a fan of too much plastic, but also not a fan of wood. Really just looking for something that is somewhat light and also accurate at mid-far range, but could also be used at close range if needed. Looks to see what guns/brand you would recommend, and if you know of one on here or eBay or something, let me know via PM to check it out.
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