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  1. Need all of these gone make a offer on the item you are interested in. Can ship out as soon as tomorrow
  2. now parting out. All must go , some wiggle room on a few times and will lower prices for combined purchases of multiple times
  3. Parting out ares xm110 sr25! FONT END SOLD. STOCK SOLD. GRIP SOLD. 11.1v lipo SOLD. King arms vltor bipod painted black SOLD. Sr25 front and rear flip up sights painted black SOLD. V2 Prowin Hopup unit-$27 shipped with brass inner barrel-$45 shipped Ares xm110 sr25 trademarked upper and lower receiver with 2 hicap magazines-$125 shipped "Frakentorque" long type motor works well- $27 shipped New ares v2 m4 gearbox takes a regular v2 hopup a solid upgrade for any stock m4. Has the ets/electric trigger and the quick change spring feature. Works excellent and only tested one time. Recieved it earlier this month and only expanded one hole on the side slightly to work correctly with a Ambi selector switich. Did not affect anything internally . Also the negative connector pin broke that goes to the motor. A new wire/connector was spliced in. It will need soldered. Payed $100+ earlier this month for it from overseas. Rear wired. Has some black paint on the bottom of it from painting the body with the grip off. Doesn't effect anything and won't be seen placed in a aeg.-$70 shipped because of the broken wire which can easily be resoldered. Sr25 suppressor-$35 shipped
  4. No longer comes with magpul grip. Stock one is back on. $445 Shipped OBO
  5. I am interested in one of the crane stock lipos, Happen to have a long type motor you would sell as well? That is in good working order? Message if you do please
  6. Purchased this for just over $500 received it in the mail threw a magpul grip on it and hung it on the wall. Never even plugged a battery into it 0 rds on it. Gearbox still has sticker never been broken/gearbox not opened up. Comes with everything that it originally came with including moe grip and original grip. Trade marks and safe/fire have been whited out. And the sticker removed on the side there is some sticker residue there. The moe grip motor height has not even been adjusted because it I have never plugged a battery into it. so it will need adjusted with a flat head or just take it off and throw the stock one back on. $465 Shipped and paypaled Firm. Payed Over $500 and they are out of stock everywhere. Will take $20 off the price if you don't want the moe grip and I will put the original back on and not include in the package for $20 less. No trades unless you have a socom gear barrett then I will add a little cash. Or something else of nice quailty with a decent amount of cash on your end. I have feedback on here as well as on airsoftsociety.com as Airsoftkid01 http://www.evike.com/products/45438/
  7. Any intrest in selling just the scope off the sniper? the leupold replica with no scope mount? IF So message me please
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