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  1. I've had this issue happen to my old m4. What kind of bucking do you have? I'm pretty sure it's over-lubed or gummy.
  2. Thanks. As I speak, I'm installing the barrel right now. Thanks! EDIT: I got everything installed & re-assembled. Hopefully it shoots well. My first successful upgrade! lol
  3. I found that out late last night, haha. I found a few good guides on youtube, I'll see how it works out.
  4. Hey ASF, I got a Cyma CM048 AK74 (the full wood & metal). I also grabbed a new barrel & a bucking setup. Problem is I can't get the thing apart past the stock, grip & bolt assembly. I'm new to AK's. Externally, this thing is built different than the AK disassembly guides on youtube (no screws on the bottom & magwell, ect.) I'm looking to get the barrel & hop assembly out so I can work on it. Anyone know of some disassembly guides for this thing? I've been looking all day and don't want to mess it up, I really like this gun. Any help would be appreciated, I know there's some good techs on this board.
  5. Even though I don't really like the KWA kriss, I would say kriss. Shell ejecting airsofts imo are stupid, you have to find shells & spend money on replacement ones. Not practical at all. I'll take my rifle over that, thank you very much.
  6. The ultra super mega hardcore 1337 n00bslayers 9000+ quickscoping pros.
  7. Why all the G4's? You could get something a lot better for a better price.
  8. Whoops, that was a super dumb way to say it. I meant if they start shooting after I already hit them.
  9. No. WHy? Because it's happened on numerous occasions when I open up on someone & they turn and react by shooting me, even after my shots are in the air.
  10. I would also reccomend going to a vareity of different state forums & other boards, that way you can get your buisness well-known, plus many people (like me) like to hang out at our state's forum
  11. If I could have any airsoft product, I would have gas mags that aren't extremely overpriced, are efficient, and can take a beating. Basically a solid ingot that you stick in a gun.
  12. Go with a gopro. It has a better FOV, comes with more accessories (including mounts & case so you can use it out of the box), more stocky & durable (with the case on of course), and adjusts up & down so you can get a good angle, than the contour. It doesn't overheat (what?) or stick off your head (unless on top of a helmet) as much, as rumored. The contour is nice too, it has a good viewing angle, but all-in-all go with a gopro, you'll love it.
  13. I would have done this but it caught me off guard. There's something you can do with the URL to make it play, I dunno (I'm terrible at computers). Or just ask the uploader to see it then download it. The uploader's name is SGTghillie
  14. Yup you did have an orange-ish yellow mask in the vid, I could see your famas, looks like he ripped your hood off, goofing up your mask. I'll see if I can figure out how to get the vid.
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