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  1. try re installing the old nozzel. if the problem is solved then you know the new nozel you got is causing the issue. if you dry fire at all my guess is your nozzel is to long, but if the old nozzel doesnt solve the issue then somethings going on with your cut of lever, probably when you dissasembled the gear box. are you using a high power battery? do you have a mosfet instaled
  2. Ive been trying to get my hands on these guns for a long time, and im prepared to give a goo deal for it. here is what I have to trade. Guns: -CA m4 with 6.03 tbb m120 prometheous spring, king arms crane stock -CA AUG stock with a gemtech silencer authentic! and flashider -Redstar ak47 full metal solid construction, no wobble, two mags -A&k sop mod 1 comes with crain stock flip up sights and vertical grip -AK74u project two sets of gears full metal, real wood forgrip 2 motors, Everything you need but the meshbox ACCESSORIES: -2 point sling - 2 ca stocks with buffer tubes - 3 carring handles - 3-9 illuminated scope - jbu 8.25in barrel extention - 9.6v battery - rear sight - magpul mag puls - g&g high torque motor - bipod - 2 pistol mag pouch - 450 round g&g high cap m4 mag - condor chest rig - 3 m4 mag pouch - 3 m4 mag pouch (another) - walkie talkie extention ear piece - universal smart charger and lots of none airsoft related stuff
  3. havent seen much of them around so hopefully one of you have one, I have lots to trades guns and what not shoot me a pm and ill list out what I have.
  4. it ended up being a bad shim job I have it all fixed now and I replaced my 20gage stock wires with 16gage
  5. ive got a echo 1 m14 that ill lwt go for cheep and ill give you an extreme 45 with it, pm me if your interested
  6. Hi everyone just wanted to let you guys know I orderd 27:5 seigetek gears modify temperd stainless bushings, modify aluminum piston head m150 spring shs piston madbull 6.01 609 aircraft aluminum tightbore barrel, kwa 2gx buckings, also a 11.1v lipo. but heres the problem when I went to install the new upgrades into my gearbox I noticed a few things, the g&g gearbox shell takes 4 7mm bushings and 2 8mm bushings then the upgraded kit the g&g cylinder head head piston and piston head is the same thing that is in the stock gun. Now I installed 4 7mm bushings, the seigetek gears shimmed them all right then installed the modify piston head, then put it all back together and I could move the gears were the motor goes in but when I put the motor on and tryed to fire it the motor would sound like it would turn the gears intil the gears grabbed the piston then it wouldnt turn the gears anymore, then I opened it up again then put it back together then tryed connecting the motor again and it turned the gears but got stuck when it tryed to grab the gears then I would pull the trigger again and it would pull the piston back a little bit again then get stuck, then I did it another time and again the piston was pulled back just a little bit, but when I went to pull the trigger for a therd time it didnt do anything then from then on if I pulled the trigger nothing would happen, I have no clue why the motor wouldnt pull the piston back because I didnt even have the m150 in there all I installed was the gears bushings and piston head, and the piston was getting stuck. I think I burnned up the wires since nothing happens when I pull the trigger now, but why did the motor not pul back the piston after I put thoughs new parts in? whats wierd is I can move the gears and manually turn the gears to pull the piston back but the motor wont do it when its in there?
  7. hey guys, got to taking the m14 apart to replace the gears, and im having troubly getting it back together, I know how everthing gos together but getting everything to line up and the anti reversal latch to line up and be right is getting me stuck
  8. alright I guess having 7 m4s isnt helping me with this lol, ill buy the shs ultra torque motor and then see if that is the problem, thanks guys
  9. alright sounds like thats what ill do, do you guys know if m14s take long or short type?
  10. hey guys got another problem the gun isnt shooting. I picked up the base gun for the project charged up the battery, pluged it in pulleg the trigger and nothing, but actually there was a very faint sound that sounded like somethin was slowly rubbing or like the motor was slowly moving, this sound was very faint, then it fired like 4 times then back to the faint sound. do you guys have any idea what this could be?
  11. whats a good lipo to get and were is a good place to get it? I herd I need a 3000mah 30c plus
  12. yea sorry when I don't proof read my typing things slip, but yes thats what I has trying to ask. and does that work for snipers to. Because I here lots of people talking about how they fit a 650 psg-1 barrel in there guns.
  13. good thinks are for the platform my ca deal fell threw so right now best bet is im going to end up with a g&g to build on, and there may be a tm I possibly will get as well, but thats a whole different gearbox, I guess from what ive heard ill go with a 6.03 prometheous barrel, what adding a silencer on the end and incresing the length of the inner barrel be a wise choice as well.
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