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  1. I did clean the track although I left the spring in. I don't have any silicon oil on me right now but I will try it soon, my friend has some.
  2. It's not the hop up.....the problem is in the mag, the issue is what I explained above..
  3. So It looks like its either the mag or the bbs. What I have observed happening is that the bottom bb of the sock wedges up next to the next bb in line and jams its self in there stopping the flow of bbs. Can the sides of the mags wear down or something? or do I have crappy bbs or something? They are TSD .25's. I've used them for ever with no issues but maybe they are good enough or something. Thoughts?
  4. Yea I'm not too worried about the fps. I had an aeg that shot ~300 fps with .25 but the damn thing was a sniper. So yea, that's weird with the range issue, well it's not really and issue. I am planning in using .25s cuz that's what I buy usually.
  5. Yes, of course. I was just thinking about putting something like the r-hop is this gun. Does the hopup mechanism function similarly to that of an aeg. Could I put an rhop in it?
  6. Yea I always use .25's anyway. But could using different gasses give me better results? Like higher fps so I could use a heavier bb.
  7. Interesting. So I could just switch out gasses is I wanted more power, legally of course. Should I use lighter bbs with propane? I was going to use .25's I it but I have hunch that I should be ok.
  8. In the description is this gun it says something about how using Propane will void the warranty and it is bad for the gun. What are your thoughts on this? I thought green gas was just propane with silicon oil added. I was thinking about getting the kmp9 so I just wanna get this straight. Also, what are your thoughts on the gun itself?
  9. No..I have checked each thing and everything seems to be in line except the nozzle is too far forward. I am sanding it down. But my mosfet short circuted and died so I have to get another one before I do any more testing....
  10. I have the non raider version. What I did to mine was I added a mosfet, and 11.1v lipo, shimmed, corrected AOE, and added the flat-hop mod. Best gun I ever owned. 5 inch groupings at 200feet. And, I was only shooting about 300 fps because I downgraded the spring to get a faster RPM and reduce wear on gears and the gun came with a 6.01 tightbore, I just left it but I would stay away from anything tighter than a 6.03. I've only had a spur gear strip(stock) and the stock piston stripped. But that was when I first made the upgrades and It was all running fine until I recently had a feeding issue which has yet to be resolved. :/ but all in all great gun, lasted about a year and a half with the upgrades mentioned.
  11. Well I took out the spring trying to figure out what was wrong with it. So, it didn't work with the spring in-front of the hop-up either. And about adding a sector clip, I had one in there before, took the sector clip off before I posted here to see if that would fix it, but to no avail. With the spring in place, the lower reciever usually pushed the hopuop into place but without the spring its just in the right spot all the time.
  12. Well, it doesn't secure to the gearbox, the hopup unit slides forwards and locks into place in the upper receiver like all other m4's and the nozzle goes into the hopup. I think I figured it out though, I think I can see the nozzle sticking into the ho-pup even when the tension is out of the gearbox, so I'm going to try and sand it down.
  13. I tried taking the arm from the system hop up and putting it in the g&g stock one but the same thing happened. Again, this is the same one that has always worked in the gun until recently. I'm thinking that the bucking is worn out and pressing too far into the chamber. I'll try madbull red ones that I ordered. and by same thing I mean that the bbs get stuck right at the end of the feeding neck where the bb would then sit infront of the bucking, again, leading me to believe that the bucking is pertruding..or the tappet plate nozzle is sticking out, I havent been able to look at the gun since yesterday so I will do some more looking around when I can. All looks straight to me
  14. Yes, 3-4 BBS fall out, yea I have tried pushing the BBS into the chamber and they will go in to the hop chamber if I push them. Side note, when I put BBS in the chamber by hand and block the feeding neck with my hand so they don't fly out back at me they fire fine, all three or four of them.
  15. I tried holding the mag in 4 or 5 different positions while firing, none helped. There is pretty much no mag wobble so there is not much I can do there. Sometime I can hear the bbs flow into the hop chamber, you know what I am talking about right? But even then I have feeding issues. I forgot to menion that I ordered a new hop bucking and nub to start from scratch. Madbul red to be exact.
  16. I actually stated this..I think...that it does infact work when I put the mag right onto the hop unit. bbs feed good and flow right in there. its only when I put it in the upper reciever and put the two halves together that this feeding issue occurs. I was sharings mags during the last game I played..so I am assuming it worked in all there guns.
  17. Everything looks normal inside, tappet plate/nozzle all working and looking as they should.
  18. I have an upgraded G&G combat machine blowback (removed the blowback) with a mosfet installed, everything is stock except the spur gear (which I swapped, old one stripped) And a spare piston with corrected AOE (old one stripped) and a 6.01 ASGI barrel (came wit the gun, left it in) and I have had it for about 2 years. I put the flat hop in and the gun has been preforming phenominally until recently. I forget exactly when but all of a sudden my mags started jamming and breaking left and right. They where ~80 round mid caps, nothing special, but they started dropping like flies and I thought it was just there time to go. The springs would get jammed in the mag and I would try to open and fix them but I could never put them back together so they just broke...so I bought 7 KWA 120rd midcaps thinking they would last. The same symptoms with the KWA MAGS! Inconsistent feeding, but the mags seemed to be ok, So I opened up my hop up..turns out the hop-up arm was snapped. So I ordered a new shs hopup, full metal, but kept the G&G green bucking that I shaved down for the flat hop, and ofcourse, the flat hop. Put the new hopup in, flat hop, bucking, ect..but SAME THING. When I attach the hopup to the barrel and place the mag in the hopup feeding neck the bbs suck right up into the hopup and they move around freely, I can blow them out like a dart gun so the hopup seems to be working properly but when I put it back in the gun NO FEEDING. MAYBE it shoots 1 or 2 rounds out of 10 trigger pulls. Something I have noticed upon further inspection is that when I pull the mag out when the gun is flipped over to see if the bbs went into the hopup I've noticed that that the bbs have trouble actually dropping down infront of the tappet plate/arm thingy. I have to physically push them with a tiny screw driver for them to drop down. It seems to me like they are getting stuck about half way down the feeding neck before sitting infront of the actual bucking. Could the bucking be damaged (it looked fine when I looked at it, however I am no expert) and stick out a little to bar in the back of the hopup and stop the round from advancing infront of the little piston that hits the bb?
  19. Get SHS X-MOD internals, sorbothane pad, re-shim, MOSFET. firefly flat hop.
  20. I second airborne101. Just make sure you use a strong enough bit on your dremel. If I am thinking of what he is thinking the washer is steel?last time I cut steel with a dremel I had to spray it with water because it was melting what ever I was using to hold it.
  21. even if your gun is not wired to the rear, you can still use the crane stock and put the batteries in the hand grip...or you can re wire your gun to the back.
  22. the wires are probly getting in the way. or you are missing something really obvious.
  23. alright, sounds like good advice. I just gotta find the time to do this haha
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