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  1. 2 vector lots. Gas blow back. Lot 1. Has the led light and 3 mags Lot 2. Has tightbore barrel silencer and 3 mags First lot purchased gets a extra mag $400 each. Or 750 for the lot. Feel free to text 6189170346
  2. I really want to trade for a zombie killer. Things to trade E1 p90 witg box mag, deans, m120 neo motor Mp5k with 8.3 internal lipo and 6 mags Classic army m16 proline with m120 and chrome cylinder Lots off odd ball stuff
  3. I got a Marui mk 23... Need mags..
  4. Gr16 and ics are sold as well as cqb putter barrel. Inbox is clean
  5. Mp5 and m4 sold. I do have a standard Marui mp5 I could sell. The a6 style I think
  6. I just paid for the thing so I should be able to post... Ok, basic rules 1. I'm NOT looking for trades unless it's an ipad 2... 2. YES prices are negotiable, but be reasonable. 3. prices will not include shipping, but I'll be shipping from the us post office and will supply boxes/tape at no cost so shipping will be cheap 4. I will require tracking and confirmation of guns. 5. give me all your moneys I'll start with my guns 1. Is a High upgraded G&G gr16 cqbr. blow back Externally it has a long freefloat rail set, sorter outter barrel with foal filled silencer. Comfort grip, mapgpull afg, mappull mbus sights, magpul rail covers, and a acog style red/green dot sight. Internally it has a echo1 neomag high torque motor, a good shim job, Guarder piston, kwa piston head, aoe corrected with laser cut sorbo, 6.04 363 tbb. I'be gone though and made all the seals good, last chrono'd at a little over 400 fps with a very crisp blow back. deans gun will include the acog, 1 high cap mag , and 1 7.4 2000 mah lipo. asking price 180.00----- if bought at full asking price, I'll include a free lipo charger. 2. upgraded tokyo marui mp5 sd5 sorry about the crappy pic, I can send more.. upgrades are high speed gears, 7 tooth metal piston, shs m120 spring ( I think they sent a m110 though), metal bushings, eg1000, gun shoots around 350 fps. it will come with a 560 round high cap mag, a 8.4 5000 mah battery, an ics railed large battery compartment forgrip and classic army metal suppressor . this is a fun gun. asking 150$-- colt branded m203 with 2 working shells-- 70 bucks ics 6 round glm with 2 non working shells , I'll post actual pic later 90$ other things-- no pics needed several m4 high cap mags, 350 round 10 bucks shipped a couple G&G 450 round high cap m4 mags, 13 shipped 11.1 2000 mah turnagy crain stock lipos, 20 shipped 5000 round m4 box mag with built in tracer light a killer front end set vltor flip up sight-15 free float rail set 30 outter cqb barrel 10 classic army silencer 25 G&G hop up with 6.04 tbb 25 will sell the front end stuff listed above as a set for 80 plust shipping ... thats 25 bucks off!! jbu silencer set with metal flash hider-30 ics stubby suppressor 15 bucks m16 full stocks with butt plate and long screw. I have 2 one with a nice rubbery coating-20 bucks.... one without it 15, both have the butt plate and screw.
  7. Ok, got a chance to mess with it. Problem is for sure in the bbu nozzle area. Removed the unit and the return spring was trashed, even with it removed the nozzle does not move easy, it seams like its getting stuck on the piston.. Thoughts?
  8. Is there a trick to getting the bbu spring back in?
  9. How would I do that? Is it listening the hex bit at the rear of the slide?
  10. Recently got a hi capa. 5.1. It had been abused and worked on by several people before it came to me. Problems fixed, leaf springs not installed correctly resulting in full auto ( fixed) Screws in hop up assembly not screwed in resulting in slide getting stuck ( fixed) Best I could tell, never properly lubed ( on the way to fixed) As it stands, I got one full mag through it after turning the hop up all the way off, now when it fires, the slide sticks back, the loading nozzle sticks forward and I have to press it forward, I stared lubeing it, and when it does cycle, the bb's roll out, I lubed it and left it for now. I use propane. Thoughts on what to check?
  11. that place is close to an hour from most places and they don't have open play, you have to organize it yourself... not saying it's a bad place, but you gotta do all the foot work, we are hold a free war this saturnday at noon till 6 in edwardsville il, pm me for details.
  12. Looking to buy 4-5 mp5 high caps!!
  13. so.... your looking to trade your m4 for a different gun type? and the magless pistols are or are not included? I got a metal ics mp5... you ship first.
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