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  1. a navy seal team was the ones who took down osama
  2. I currently live in bellevue right now but in the fall im headin down to lincoln for school. soooo im gonna be playin there, just wanna find out and see who all on here lives around the lincoln and regularly plays.
  3. bored looking up videos on youtube and I came across the Snow Wolf U.S. SOCOM M24 sniper rifle from ehobbyasia.com, is it the same rifle as a CA M24 or are they different? Also on the website I found the KS US Socom M24 SWS sniper rifle. Can anyone tell me the difference between the Snow Wolf, KS, and the CA M24 models of these rifles? Also how do these rifles handle and upgradeable are they? Thanks for the help!
  4. looking at getting a bipod for my ca m24 would the harris bipod be better or the classic army socom sniper bipod since its made specifically for CA m24 and m16s? I have heard the harris bipod is one of the best bipods EVER but I havent really heard anything on the CA socom one, anyone have this one? is it good? thanks!
  5. Looking for extra magazines for my ca m24 and I cant seem to find any spare magazines anywhere. I have found some on uncompany.com but since they are in hong kong the shipping would be OUTRAGEOUS!! anyone know where I can find some?
  6. Looking at upgrading my barrel. The upgrade package that Im looking to get comes with a KM TN 6.04mm Inner Barrel but Im gonna get a 6.01mm inner barrel. What would be a good barrel to get?
  7. would this barrel work Madbull 6.01mm Precision Inner Barrel
  8. thanks! is there anything else that I should also upgrade? or does this basically cover everything?
  9. Im looking to upgrade my CA M24 SOCOM Military Style sniper rifle that I will be getting in the next few weeks. I was looking at uncompany.com for upgrades. I came across a upgrade package for the CA M24, for $400 plus s&h I can get the following: -PSS2 Spring -PSS2 3 Element Piston -PSS2 Piston Head -PSS2 Taper Cylinder Head -PSS2 Teflon Cylinder -PSS2 Spring Guide -PDI Hop Up Chamber -KM TN 6.04 Inner Barrel -Systema Hop Up Bucking Im new to airsoft and don't really know the internals as well as I would like. Are these good upgrades? p.s. where can I find something about the internals of an ca m24 and what each part does? thanks!
  10. This is what comes with the $400 upgrade package: -PSS2 Spring -PSS2 3 Element Piston -PSS2 Piston Head -PSS2 Taper Cylinder Head -PSS2 Teflon Cylinder -PSS2 Spring Guide -PDI Hop Up Chamber -KM TN 6.04 Inner Barrel -Systema Hop Up Bucking are those good upgrades?
  11. everything one my list above I found at uncompany.com but I didnt know that they are in hong kong?? the price for all those upgrades is $400 but the shipping is going to be like like $90 if im correct. they even have magazines in stock there also for $12. sooo later on this summer when I get more funds im gonna buy the package and some extra magazines.
  12. thanks for your guys inputs but im gonna go with the ca m24 socom military style rifle. now I know why everyones been sayin that being a sniper is an expensive hobby. what would be some good upgrades for the ca m24? I did a post earlier on that My Post. anything else that would help me would be appreciated!
  13. Was reading the post by marksman and yod9 on what upgrades for the m24 would be the best and im gonna go with their expertise on the sniper rifle. now for my question, where can I find the following parts? and in what order should I upgrade the rifle in? -PDI Hop Up Chamber -KM TN 6.04 Inner Barrel -PSS2 Spring Guide -PSS2 3 Element Piston -PSS2 Piston Head -First Factory Bolt Handle for APS2 -First Factory Cylinder APS-2 -First Factory Cylinder Head APS-2 -PDI 300% Spring for M24 / APS series -PDI M24 trigger set (NOT Zero trigger) help would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
  14. I have been doing my research for awhile now and I want to be a sniper. I might be new to the game but when I played paintball I was more of a sniper then a gun-ho shoot em up type person. With some of my military training I know a little of what it takes to be a sniper. Im here looking for my first sniper rifle and I want a spring action sniper rifle, no AEGs! I have done some research on which rifles I want but I would like peoples input on em who have actually used or have them. I have narrowed my search down to 4 rifles. I would like to know your opinion on each one and some upgrades that would be good for them and it would do for the rifle. 1. Echo 1 M28 2. Javelin Works Gun M24 3. SOCOM Gear R700 4. CA M24 Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  15. Looking at buying the ASGI G700 as my first sniper rifle. Looking at getting a mock silencer for it, what would be a good one? if im posting this in the wrong place..my bad ill post it where im suppose to. what silencer would good? where I can get it at? and at what price? help would be greatly appreciated! thanks MajGhostWarrior Out! haha.
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