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  1. ODA417,I don't intend any disrespect or badmouthing, but I wonder how many people it will take to convince you that you are wrong? You seem convinced that multicam is outrageously expensive and that it is not used by the Army. when multiple people have been stating that "no you are wrong." Multicam is about the same cost as RG gear, and while the price difference on replica gear like Condor, is more noticeable, between EI gear, there is maybe a difference of a $1. As far as my knowledge goes on where multicam is allowed, I believe it is only being issued to troops in Afghanistan and is not allowed to be worn by troops in the states. However, was just watching a small documentary where the DEA (drug enforcement agency) was using multicam in different states. I don't see why civies cant use it... The funny thing is that Hitman wasn't even insulting your load out, he was just correcting a misunderstanding on multicam and advised to not use dual drop-leg platforms (for maneuverability) And in case you ask me the same question you did Hitman, I have been keeping up with nearly every SF and Ranger thread here on these forums. I am in the process of building my own SF inspired load out. My post count may be low, but I tend to stalk these forums rather than giving my 2 cents, but since this thread seems to need it, I might as well
  2. they don't use pantac that for sure.... try and eagle industries plate carrier in ranger green
  3. didnt think about not letting the wires pass through, I think its going to be tight. I guess ill have to find out when I get my parts next week.
  4. I'm planning on upgrading to a 7.4 lipo (initially) with full on deans, new wire, new trigger assembly etc. I don't want to make the jump to a 11.1 just yet, because I'm still weary of the gearbox. Im planning on adding a mosfet sometime during this upgrade because I might as well have one. This is my project gun, when its all done, I'll have spent more money on upgrades than the gun itself my current assembly is stock besides a 9.6 battery. and the D-Boys is a clone of the Scar-L, same as the echo1 model. 3 position stock adjust and 2 pos cheek riser edit: sounds like the tool compartment is the best bet, but any tips on how to route the wiring in that.
  5. Hey guys, kinda new here on ASF, typically hang out in the gear/loadouts area. Anyways, I have a D-boys Scar (body) that I need help finding room for a mosfet. I have searched on multiple forums and threads trying to find a guide to do this. I have seen accomplished photos, but no details on how to stick a mosfet in such a small area. Nearly my entire gun is upgraded minus the wiring and motor (the reason I'm posting this). I have researched aws fets, and seeing how they are never in stock I would rather not waste my time. Therefore I need a place outside of the gearbox to place a mosfet without affecting the functions (in other words, still allowing stock to fold, cheek risers to move up or down, and charging handle/ hop-up cover to slide) I don't need the 3 position stock to need to be adjusted as with a 9.6v battery it's nearly impossible anyways. I noticed there is a "tool" compartment on the rear of the stock, and this seems like the only spare space on the gun. Any help would be nice, especially if you have done this with a scar before.
  6. Looks like a Strobe light to me
  7. I found it funny how you think none of us know the point of molle. Its not that we care where you place the pouches, its the uniform that we were discussing. The fact that an IBA is an Army thing, and ACU is an Army thing. Feel free to keep your kit how it is, after all it is your kit. Just don't call it a Marine loadout, and don't get upset when people give advice. If you want to call it a Marine loadout prepare to gets rants, if you think yours is 100% accurate, prepare to get rants AND advice. For example, black pouches to tan or ACU is advice though you don't need to change them. I tend not to insult people especially on forums, but when people are stubbornly sticking to their opinion, I feel I need to chime in. However, about that whole ACU rant, I actually don't mind ACU. I don't think people should recreate a standard rifleman loadout, but ACU kinda looks cool. Not very effective, but cool. Once I get a plate carrier I may try and do an SF loadout (feel free to rant if I post an incorrect loadout here). Stick with what you like, stick with what works but don't think your opinion is accurate and ours are wrong. In fact don't post an inaccurate loadout and expect to get applause for it. I almost think this should be locked and we can start this whole thread over (with an accurate title). the flaming is starting to get irratiating from both parties...)
  8. He is saying that the plate carrier is the USMC inspired part, but he chose ACU because of the pattern. (over tan or despat). I think if his gear was a despat design instead of acu, he would consider it USMC. The problem comes in when he says the IBA is USMC, when I as well as others consider it an Army thing. Typically when I think inspired I think of the multiple ranger threads where they are going for almost a "reenactment" or, inspired by ranger load outs to make their own VERY SIMILAR ranger load out. Not inspired by a vest that use to be popular with USMC, and then choosing everything else to be Army inspired. The fact that the majority of this load out is "Army Inspired" more than "USMC Inspired" makes me consider this an Army load out. That being said, its is a great Army load out and a not so great USMC loadout. As far as the patch thing, I'm more concerned with ranks on peoples load outs. It is a toss up for unit patches since there are so many of them and a airsoft team can make one similar to an armed forces unit patch without really knowing it. Also, I would agree on losing the custom condor patch. While it was a cool idea, I wouldn't want to show off my condor gear simply because I consider condor as "on par" for airsoft, not really cool, but not that bad either. (if it was Eagle then its a different story)
  9. ur-tactical has an ebay site. its multicamguy2 on ebay. just look op "OPS multicam" and it should bring up his gear.
  10. I would go with CamelBak. Best blatters IMO. They are light yet durable and don't have that cheap plastic-y feel. They will run you about $30 but its well worth it.
  11. Every so often this guy on ebay sells ESS Profile goggles new for about $30. Comes with 2 lenses, case, and lens cover. He just ran out of stock now, but if you check back later you can get them for really cheap. The one problem with ESS is that they fog easily so what I do is remove the foam from the top and bottom.
  12. What camo color are you using? If you have acu I would highly recommend a massif combat shirt. They run around $30 on ebay. Best combat shirt I've ever had. They also have them in multicam but those run around $100 (still trying to find one for cheaper...) any other color, I would recommend a combat shirt other than tru-spec, simply because it doesn't have a high collar shirt and your vest will start to dig into your neck
  13. Well if that's not ATACS then I feel like an idiot. I guess on the bright side that means ATACS will look better. I think it looks really close to ATACS though. look at the patterns and colors. Irregular, non-square with an urban/dry brush coloring.
  14. AirsoftGI just got some new helmets in stock. They come in black, OD and tan. One model has side rails and the rest have velcro. They are $60 without side rails and $80 with. Seeing that those are on a Chinese site, and are about $54, you never know what the quality will be and shipping is going to be a lot. I have no experience with either helmet, but AirsoftGI is a great retailer.
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