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  1. no it is an AIM shell with G&P internals
  2. Hey I am looking for a gearbox to finish my custom build, bought a G&P with an AIM top gearbox shell and it wouldnt fit 100% right, so I would like to get my hands on a different one, preferably G&G (combat machine is perfect just no blowback models), King Arms, or VFC. A motor is also a plus but doesnt have to be a super nice one. I wont spend over $50 on a nicer one, and definitely not that much for a cheaper one. I can also trade my G&P gearbox plus some cash, works fine (needs a new motor connector soldered on) and fits most bodies (I have tried it in my CM, G&G, VFC, and even JGs and all worked fine, just not my finicky G&P body).
  3. I am looking for a HFC or WG revolver (no UHC please) , I have a G&P Gearbox I can trade, possibly some other things. Must not leak and work perfectly!!! Extra shells are a plus.
  4. So I have been bit by the P* fever and now I am hoping to get my hands on a fusion engine to build an M16. So I need to get rid of a lot of stuff first rules. Rules: - Shipping is not included in the price unless otherwise stated - You must purchase Insurance and Tracking, if you don't' I cannot be held responsible for any damages or lost packages - Don't crap in my thread - PM me about any questions - If it doesn't say its included, its not! - Only serious Buyers please!!! - Only trades are P* (M4s/M16s/416s), Fusion Engine's, and P* Rigs - Prices are somewhat firm but feel free to offer up - No returns First up is my Craft Apple Works GLM, it has been used once in a short skirmish. Works great, is VERY loud and intimidating. Includes 6 Madbull Grenades, costs about $600 from Evike, asking a mere $300. Next is an Echo1 AUG Civilian, gun is basically new. Used once briefly, less then 2,000 rounds through it. Needs a new bucking installed (I can include one) it just keeps getting jammed. But when it was shooting it was awesome, two stage trigger is definitly unique and love the barrel length (wish they made P* AUGs). Includes 2 mags, bucking, and a battery, asking $90. Next is an Asia Electric G36c, gun is also basically new. Less then 2,000 rounds, works perfectly, includes 2 mags and a battery. Asking $100 obo Next is my KJW 1911, this bad boy has seen a bit of use (still in AMAZING condition) but is still going strong and will keep going as long as you take care of her. Includes 2 non leaking mags (1 co2, 1 gg), and a complete MUE Upper with a TM bucking installed. Asking $100 Lastly is my Bravo Winchester, this this shoots hard and is as accurate as an arrow. Has confirmed hits at 240ft with .4 bbs, guns works perfectly however there is an ever so slight leak in the fill valve. Just needs a good lubing, less then 500 rounds through it, seeing how these are rare I am asking $100. I will probably be adding stuff as time goes by, pics will be up soon.
  5. So I am really needing another P* for my team. Not really picky atm, any M4/M16/416/Scar/ACR/Mp5 will work, as long as it is in good external and internal condition. I have a lot to offer in trade + MAYBE a bit of cash. If you have a V2 Fusion Engine I would also trade for one of those. I will make it worth your while!!! Just shoot me an offer, PLEASE DO NOT post here, PM me.
  6. Hey guys I am looking for a Classic Army or King Arms M4a1 full metal (NOTHING ELSE!!!!). I don't need the gearbox or motor. Just need the entire body, hopup would be nice but not a necessity. Not looking to spend a ton as I can get a full working CA for $125
  7. I am looking to sell or trade my CAW (Craft Apple Works) GLM with 6 working Madbull Grenades. Gun works perfectly fine like it should, in good condition, this thing is a BEAST! These are about $390 new with over $150 worth of grenades. I am really wanting to trade for a new rifle, really looking for a G&P M4 of some kind (please no KWAs). If you are wanting to buy I will take no less than $250+ shipping
  8. I am looking to buy or trade for a P* Air line.
  9. Bump, MK18+Dune Knight+100Y are SPF, ACOG is SOLD
  10. Haha I still want one, G&P M16 Now $200!!!!
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