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  1. G&G allows direct sale to end user. You can contact G&G Asia Sales Department and they should be able to sell you the correct cylinder head and motor cage. Email is support --at-- guay2[dot]com & part numbers are G-10-089 for motor cage (should cost $20). I'd also recommend just buying the upgraded cylinder head from ASGI, etc. but if you want the polycarbonate CH, then the part number is M14B01 of the G&G M14 Gearbox Explosion View. Anyway, hope that helps you out. G&G is a very easy company to work with, but the shipping costs are a bit high from Asia.
  2. Alright - thanks for the advice. I'll try Loctite glue this time. I'm assuming its just the stuff from Home Depot, right? How should I surface prep an area to be glued (w/ Loctite)? In the past, I've just scrubbed Rubbing Alcohol on whatever is being glued. I haven't found any problems with doing just that, but is there some extra 'technique' that can be done to improve reliability and durability?
  3. I've always used Gorilla Glue, but I've heard Loctite's Adhesive Compound (Cyanoacrylate compound) is better. For example, if I were to glue down sorbothane to a cylinderhead or bushings to a gearbox shell, which of these brands would be better? Which do you use? The reason I ask is because the stock sorbothane/rubber pad that sits on my cylinder head has come off (jamming my gun...). Since I have to glue it on, I want to make sure that I use glue that won't let it come off again. Also, how do I properly surface prep an area to be glued? Just scrub it with rubbing alcohol, or is there more to it? Thanks for the help
  4. I've always used Gorilla Glue, but I'm hearing Loctite's adhesive compound is a bit better? Always make sure to do some moderate surface prep and clean all the 'gunk' from the bushings/bearings. That could be the reason (like mentioned) why your bushings/bearings were falling out. Also, if I ever want to remove glued bushings, I just pour rubbing alcohol over them and wait a bit, then I'm able to carefully nudge them out.
  5. I've got a beaten-up Madbull Blackside silencer that I'm willing to sell. How does $10 + shipping sound? PM me if you're interested :) Thanks
  6. Are you interested in Masada, too?
  7. My friend has a really great Bolt Sniper Rifle that's for sale. It's a VSR-10 variant, and shoots near 550 FPS (I'd have to ask my friend to confirm). It's got various upgrades and we've put a desert camo to finish it off. PM me if you're interested. Thanks
  8. Hey, I've got a metal bi-pod that I'm willing to sell. It's in essentially 'new' condition and has never been used (in a game) before. It's a high quality bi-pod: not one of those you get with a sniper from Big 5. PM me if you're interested. I'm willing to sell it for say $20 (+ shipping). Price is negotiable.
  9. e-mail G&G Maggie at support [at] guay2 dot com. Ask her for a new gearbox (G-16-010). They're probably around $50. Hope that helps
  10. Hi Evimero: A buddy of mine has an upgraded Bar-10 (I think) that he's been trying to sell. It could (maybe) be an upgraded Socom Gear R700, though I'd have to ask to clarify. To get to the point: the gun is highly upgraded and shoots near 550 FPS (we can also put a weaker spring in, if FPS is too high), The only 'hitch' is that it's not by Tokyo Marui. Otherwise it's a great gun - it shoots fast, reliable, and accurately - he's trying to sell it for a really great price, too (more about that if reply). PM me if you're interested. I can include pics, detailed specs, etc. Thanks
  11. Would you be willing to buy a Masada? W/ no trade? - I just need the money at this point...
  12. Humm. Thanks :) I guess I missed that... But I heard the Classic Army mid-caps are better. I'm going to try and find those first... Anyway, thanks
  13. Does anyone know? I've already established that Classic Army mags are compatible with G&G (and vice-versa), but I really want to find some mid-caps for my M14. Have BOTH the G&G and the CA mid-caps been discontinued? I haven't been able to find a site that has them in stock. Anyone know where I can find some? Thanks
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