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  1. Uploaded with ImageShack.us I opened up my gearbox because my gun was having compression problems. So, I pulled the O-ring inside with a screw driver and took a picture of it to show you guys if it's loose or just normal that way. Does it look like my Piston head O-ring needs replacement? Thanks ASF.
  2. But how come other guys get theirs broken in just weeks? Stupidity, wrong cocking of bolt I suppose?
  3. I have a friend who has a Well MB01, and it's totally stock inside and out. He had used over 10,000 to 15,000 rounds of 0.36 bb's and is still performing very good! How is this possible despite the fact that the MB01 uses a PLASTIC trigger box? How come most mb01 users get their trigger box broken after a few months and not him?
  4. Thank you very much for your support. It's official. "Well" does make metal triggers.
  5. First of all, yes, I had used the search button numerous times, but the results doesn't seem to be satisfying. I've been doing some research lately on L96 clones and found out that the only L96 clones that has a metal trigger assembly are the TSD SD97 and Well MB08. I would like to hear something about them in this forum for the sake of those who want a stock L96 clone that will last for a considerable amount of time before spending about $200 on a new Laylax metal trigger assembly. So here's what I think: Well MB08 > Well MB01 - I have read reviews saying that the stock feels much better on the MB08. The MB01 is said to feel a bit toyish or plastic Professional or somethin.. - The MB08 is said to have a metal trigger assembly once you get it - I have read some issues with the MB08 having problems with barrel spacers and a non-tapered barrel, but I'm guessing these could be fixed with a few $$.. - The MB08 has a folding stock (It seems a bit ridiculous to me, but it's ok as long as it doesn't wobble.) So, I would like to hear some opinion/s on both of these rifles. I think the only reason you should get an MB08 over an MB01 is because it has a metal trigger box and a better feel on the stock, but I maybe wrong here because I haven't even touched one myself. (All of these are based on reviews on the internet which may possibly be total BS . So, please..) TSD SD97 > or < MB08? - Haven't read much about the TSD SD97. It is said that it comes with a metal trigger assembly like the MB08. UTG MK96 - If you can get a clone L96 with a metal trigger assembly already in it then why choose this? We all know that any of the these 4 clones will have the same performance when it's fully upgraded, yes indeed. Ever heard of a story where one guy got his plastic trigger box exploded just after using it for a few weeks and, unfortunately, doesn't have 200$ to buy a Laylax metal trigger box and sells it the next day? I know I did, in fact, a lot of times. So.. Opinions, Suggestions, Good/Bad experiences, etc.. would be appreciated ALOT. If I have said anything stupid or wrong here please.. don't flame, I know I wouldn't. I'm trying my best to be resourceful. Thanks.
  6. Would it be ok to use masking tape instead of teflon tape in taping my barrel?
  7. My gun uses a v2 gearbox with plastic bushing. I'm planning on upgrading it to 500 fps (0.2g). My questions are: 1. What type of gearbox shell should I get that can handle 500 - 550 fps? 2. If I get a SP150/SP170 spring, what other gearbox internals should I Upgrade? I've read a guide here that says "..the Cylinder, air nozzle and Cylinder head are not really upgradeable stuff, Some brand migh be a little better than the other". Is this true?
  8. If a certain DMR and a certain Bolt action rifle were to absolutely have the same performance, in the end, which would cost more on upgrades? A DMR or a BASR?
  9. Can someone please help me find a TM hop rubber? I tried googling it but I don't seem to get good stuff
  10. My aeg had a serious problem with range and Fps. It obviously was flying so slow that you could actually see the bb. The range was embarrassing! Sometimes, it only flew for around 30 ft., My friend told me it's because I didn't relax my spring and I always left it that way. I'm not sure if this is a bad sign or not, but I could literally pull the spring with my pinky finger while its in the gearbox. What should I do?
  11. After reading a few DIY guides here on ASF, I've noticed that Teflon Tape can be very useful in simple modifications and are very cheap. So far, the only DIY MODs I know of are: Teflon taping your Barrel and Teflon taping your Hop. What are some other MODs I can do with Teflon Tape?
  12. LazyLama

    TM Hop Up

    I heard the Stock Hop up unit on a TM VSR-10 is one of the best out there. Some even say its clone, the jg bar 10, would never be as good, in terms of its Hop Up unit, compared to the TM vsr 10. So my question is can you get a better Hop up unit than that of a stock TM vsr 10? or Does TM sell VSR 10 Hop up units?
  13. http://img809.imageshack.us/img809/1228/40367635.jpg What gun is this? Thanks
  14. What's the reason why people buy reinforced gearbox?
  15. I'm about to do my very first upgrade on my very first AEG. AEG: Jinggong T3 RAS 6.08mm/506mm Inner barrel (Probably 6.08mm) 8.4v 1500 mah Stock Battery v2 Gearbox Plastic Bushings Parts to be upgraded: Hop up Chamber, Hop up Bucking & Nub Hop up Chamber: N/A (I'm not yet sure about this). Suggestions would be appreciated Hop up Bucking: FireFly/Prometheus Soft Type Bucking? Hop up Nub: Suggestions?? (Well the prometheus bucking comes with a free nub, Which brand sells H shaped nubs?)
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