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  1. I've seen plenty of reviews on WE's G39c and even a few on the G39K model, but never a review of the actual G39. Does anyone have experience with it, or at least a link to a good review?
  2. Yeah, I have seen it. As I said, I'm looking for something with a longer barrel, but I might end up getting a G36c anyway.
  3. 1. I have about a $300 budget for the gun, although I'd like to save money where I can. 2. I prefer playing as more of a marksman. 3. I generally play in woodland areas. 4. I'm looking for a G36. Not the G36c, as I want something more suited for long range, although I wouldn't be completely opposed to a G36k. Either an AEG or a GBB is fine. I pretty much have it narrowed down to either the WE G39 or the fully licensed H&K G36. I'm open to other suggestions, though, because as I understand it, GBBs require a bit more internal work and aren't great for beginners and the H&K G36 is somewhat out of my price range.
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