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  1. The BB was stuck in the hop-up rubber lips, it didn't even enter the barrel. I don't know why this happened, the rubber was a guarder soft silicone hop-up rubber, never had any problems with them before.
  2. The AK is a cyma 42b, direct copy of the Marui AK. The gearbox is a ver. 3 gearbox, but it comes from an mp5. I thought that this was the initial problem, but it doesn't seem to be. The gearbox fits perfectly, the internals are all AK internals. The air seal nozzle is an aluminum one made by hornbill, from rsov.com. I used it extensively, I have it in another AK as well and it has always worked fine, it never had any bbs jam. The hop up chamber is the one the gun came with, the inner barrel is a guarder 6.02 one and the hop up rubber and spacer are standard guarder soft silicone ones. My problem is that the gun shoots perfectly fine until one bb jams in the hop up rubber and doesn't want to budge. I thought it was the hop up rubber, but it never gave me any problems until now. The spring is > 120 m/s and this rubber worked perfectly fine with a spring under 110 m/s, so it's not that the spring is too soft. The bbs are JBU 0.25g. Until now I thought that: -The air seal nozzle wasn't doing its job (still possible) -The gearbox was not aligned with the hop up chamber, but it seems to be -The hop up rubber was too hard, but I used 2 other soft rubbers and got the same result -The bbs are crap and the inner barrel is too tight Finally, I have no idea why it shoots perfectly fine until a bb clogs the barrel. When I look where the jam is, I can still see the bb in the hop up rubber lips. What could be the problem?
  3. Solved it! A friend asked me if I meddled with it and told me that that's my problem. So I did the most obvious thing possible, I opened the AK and he was right, I did not put the hop up chamber completely in the gearbox, it was a little bit sticking out of the gearbox, so that solved one part of the feeding problem: the bb feeding tube was not in the same place as the magazine. But when I inserted a magazine I saw that it did not feed at all. So I looked at a CYMA feeding tube and saw that it was a lot more wide than this feeding tube, so I took a pile and made it larger. Now it works perfectly fine. So it wasn't correctly installed from the very beginning: my fault! I'm so glad that the problem is finally solved, I also played a game with the AK and it worked perfectly fine, no feed problems whatsoever. I should be more attentive to details!
  4. Fresh photos. This first photo is of the CA KREBS AK, the one with the problem I was talking about. I have no idea whether it is a TM or a VFC clone... That magazine is an AK-74 mag that did feed, it did work... for a while, until it stopped feeding BBs into the hop-up chamber entirely. I kind of measured with approximation the length of the mag well ~ 7 cm (2.75591 inches), the width was 2,6 cm (1.02362 inches). This second AK is an AK-74 that works completely fine. The magazine belongs to this AK, it feeds perfectly fine, never had a misfeed. The hop up chamber is an AK element hop up chamber and the gearbox is a standard CYMA ver 3 gb. Magwell length 7 cm, width 2,6 cm. The magazine has a length of 6,5 cm and a width of 2,5 cm. All the measurements are done with approximation (they are not 100% right). Looking at the fact that both AKs had the same measurements I looked at where the feeding tube of the hop up chamber was located. It was located in the KREBS AK between the measurements of 3.9 and 4.7 cm and at the AK-74 between 4 and 4.8 cm, which means that the KREBS hop up chamber is 0.1 cm to the left, away from the gearbox. This might explain why the magazine did not feed the BBs. I asked a friend what his ideas were and he told me that it is doable and that he also has an AK hop up chamber with a longer feeding tube, that might solve it for good. So now I'll wait until I get it fixed. Thank you Zemanova for your help.
  5. I have a spare hop-up chamber... I could use that. The thing that is bothering me the most is that is did feed perfectly with its original mag. This AK has a very tight mag well. It's a pain to insert a mag in it, it's like it's smaller than a CYMA AKs. So I think that its just a matter of positioning the hop up chamber, I think because the high and mid caps (CYMA) have a hard time being inserted they either do not make contact with that hop up chamber feed tube, or it is half a milimeter in the wrong place (left or right). This gave me the idea that maybe other AK magazines might work, I only tested AK-47 and AK-74 CYMA mags in it. Or I could just change the chamber completely and that might solve it... Right now I think my only solution is to take it to a specialist, my friend that fixes a lot of AEGs told me that he has no idea what the problem is :) Oh, the AK is this one: Classic Army Krebs KC-89 E-SLTR Enhanced Speed Load Tactical Rifle AEG (CA062M)
  6. Hi, I've got a very unpleasant problem: I have this CA KREBS AK-47, it was run over by a car and its magazine was destroyed in the process. It survived just fine, all the screws were loose, but I checked it thoroughly and it only had scratches. The AK is made of steel and aluminum, and nothing was broken inside, not even the barrel. So, I used another high cap mag in it, a CYMA one and it worked perfectly fine. Then I saw that the inner barrel moved a lot so I fixed it by putting something between the inner barrel and the outer barrel near the flash hider in order to keep it from moving, thus improving accuracy. Bottom line is, I used it, it worked, it fed just fine from that high cap mag, but now it doesn't feed at all. The problem is definitely the feeding tube of the hop up chamber. Its hop up chamber is just a regular plastic one and I definitely do not think it is because I fixed the inner barrel. I was thinking that the solution would be to change the hop up chamber with a CYMA one. I personally have no idea why the hop up chamber doesn't reach the magazine and feeds correctly. Tried all types of high cap and mid cap magazines in it, does not feed from any of them.
  7. So the two pieces are above, the first one is a broken original pot metal piece, the second one, a steel shooter's design one for a Glock 17. It looks like it would fit, but I can't really be sure. Can somebody help me? I don't want to buy it and see that it doesn't fit at all Here's the original thread: http://www.airsoftcanada.com/showthread.php?t=121036
  8. So I left this little gbb pistol on my piano all winter. In the spring I wanted to shoot some targets and it would not shoot, at all. I thought it was leaking gas or something, but it was behaving the same way it always did. I opened it and could not find out what was wrong with it. I took it to the smith, he said that he had the same problem with a TM glock. His problem was a little different but in the same area. That TM glock had a cocking spring displaced or smth like that. It wouldn't work, he did know how to fix it but he could not possibly put it back together. He told me to find somebody with small fingers, he had very large fingers and couldn't do it. So my problem is simple, the valve knocker is broken and does not hit the magazine valve at all. It was made of pot metal and from what I read a lot of KJW G27's have had this problem. The KJW G27 part number is 48 and the Marui G26 part is 49. So my question is this: I only found a Shooters Design Steel Valve Knocker for Marui Glock 17 or 18c. Does this one fit the KJW G27 ?? From what I read on airsoft canada, it does fit. Can you guys please tell me if it fits if you had the same problem?
  9. Thanks man, but I just came back from my friend and it's a tragedy, still haven't got it fixed. So the nozzle it came with was 21,5mm long. The M4 one was 2 mm shorter and was not installed and the guy found a pom nozzle that made better compression, was tighter, and installed it. It was 21.2mm long, about 0.3mm shorter and now the mp5 shoots at about 110 m/s, it shot at about 115 m/s before, with the original long nozzle. I have an o-ringed nozzle that is 21.2 mm long, just like the G3, but still, it's 0.3 mm shorter than it should be. Tomorrow we'll try to install a longer nozzle to see if it works and if we can find one. Thanks for the link!!! Now that never ending nozzle length problem is gone !
  10. As promised, my friend did some measurements. I bought an M4 o-ringed air seal nozzle and now the Mp5 has it installed. I haven't tested it yet. From what I see from the measurements, that M4 nozzle is short. The Mp5 air seal nozzle is the one the replica came with, it is a cyma air seal nozzle, not an aftermarket Mp5 air seal nozzle which is shorter than the M4 one. I will post the results of the tests from saturday. From what I see here, the M4 nozzle is a lot shorter than the original one.
  11. Thank you sike and James Ryan. I took out the gearbox, because it's extremely easy to disassemble, I will later post the picture, and gave the gearbox to a friend who will take out the air nozzle that has no o-ring buy me an O-ring air seal nozzle of the same length, hopefully, or a longer one on which he will work on in order to shorten it. That M4 idea sure fits, because the Mp5 gearbox is a standard ver 2 gearbox that the M4s also use. I looked up the length of the air seal nozzles on a website that sells them and I found 2 lengths: Ultimate Mp5 air seal nozzle length: 20.39 mm Ultimate M4/M16 air seal nozzle: 21.20 mm I asked the friend if he can measure the length of the original cyma mp5 air seal nozzle and I'll be back with more information.
  12. Hi, I have this Mp5 that has been driving me crazy. It's the full metal version of the Mp5SD6, # CYMA-AEG-CM041SD6. I opened the gearbox, air leaks on the piston head, fixed, and air leaks on the air seal nozzle. That damned air seal nozzle is much longer that a regular Mp5 air nozzle, I've bought one and tested it, it's much smaller. So I don't know what to do in order to stop the air leakage. A friend told me to buy a longer air seal nozzle, a G36c one, and make it small enough to fit. What do you guys suggest I do? I'm going to buy the element G36c air seal nozzle on Saturday because I think it has an o-ring and it is made of pom, easy to grind.
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