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  1. Hi I kind of fell in love with this Airsoft Master Sniper Rifle ... it's is said to be a new 5th Generation Master Sniper line, and is also a replica of the powerful M700 sniper rifle. Do you think it's worth $89.95? It's not more than what I'd normally spend on a single item of airsoft rifle... but idk. Opinions, please?
  2. Hi, there. Was wondering anyone of u have experience with this AEG Airsoft Rifle? I'm thinking buying a nice airsoft rifle. But I've no idea what is the best. A friend suggest me to go with this AEG. It is said to be great. Is it true? I'm sure there're lots of professionals out there. please help me to choose. Thanks.
  3. looks great list. YOu'd keep it in mind.
  4. Hello all, I think it's about time my nephew gets the coolest gift ever from his favorite uncle (me). He's still pretty young, so I think BB gun might be the way to go. Save a .22 for a little ways down the road. I just showed this one to him. But he said it not cool. Can anyone recommend a better BB gun? Doesn't have to be the top of the line, but easy to operate would be good. Accuracy always a plus, but I know we are talking BB guns here. Links to where a fella could buy one would be appreciated also. Thanks! (I know I know, he'll shoot his eye out!)
  5. You cann't imagine it!! My wife bought me this Type 96 Black Airsoft Sniper Rifle UTG as birthday gift. So happy about it. You know, she has been complained that I have spent too much time on my hobby--gun collection so long. Though the Airsoft Rifle isn't the best quality, it comforts me much. At least it proves my wife understand me to some extent. Thanks to my lovely wife! So what's your birthday gift or what do u buy for your wife/gf on her birthday?
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