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  1. Sometimes mixing different manufacture bevel and pinion gears will cause a pitch angle that will always be noisy.
  2. Trinity was my favorite before they vanished from the internet.
  3. Elite Force has a 1 year warranty on their high end guns.
  4. Its a JM SR16, a china clone of the VFC SR15E3. http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ERM-JM-M4-SR16.htm
  5. I've worked on a few. The Pistons tend to strip, the metal plates on the stock hinge corrode causing power issues, the gears are 16:1 and break if upgraded springs are used, the hop up doesn't seal well, and its a pain in the to disassemble. I don't remember the barrel being 2 piece.
  6. Out of the 3 we received at my store 1 was DOA out of the box. So I'll tear that apart soon to fix it, probably put a video on youtube about the internals. I'm not keen on APS, they have a poor track record. It has a problem fitting midcaps not high caps. Of the mags we tested only Pmags and Emags fit without modifications.
  7. As stated it breaks in the bushes quicker than normal, but if you want to clean it use something like CRC QD Electronic cleaner or Emerald Performance Plus 3.
  8. Are you using a 9.6 battery? That ROF seems low for a ICS proline. I get 16 rps on a 9.6 with a m120, everything else is stock. If you change the nozzle be aware it doesn't use a standard M4 nozzle.
  9. Classic Army's is called "SAR Offizier M41" Airsplat has them
  10. I'm like 90% certain the last Umarex UMP I worked on already had a full cylinder from the factory. You'll want to double check before you buy one.
  11. Unscrew the front of the cocking tube, remove the front sling bolt, unscrew the barrel. That pin is for the trunnion the barrel screws onto. Once you remove the barrel you can push the pin in and slide the trunnion out the out the back of the reciever.
  12. The Dboys is a copy of the VFC so this should work. VFC selector gears
  13. Its clockwise thread. As you said its pinned instead of set screwed so you aren't going to want to unscrew it and destroy your threads. Take a dremel and cut the plastic parallel to the barrel a few times, hit it with a heatgun and grab it with piliers than peel it of like a banana. Any glue residue can be removed with acetone and a wire brush.
  14. I have an aftermarket tappet plate in my ICS M4. The ICS plate is .25mm wider than the Element on my workbench.
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