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  1. No thanks just looking to sell. Already bought a GBBR. But the price isn't firm so I'll consider all offers!!
  2. Looking to sell my last AEG to fund gbb stuff. This has been built from the ground up. Very solid gun. I'm asking 300$ shipped Externals: G&p metal body G&p marine stock Kac front rail Spr grip Jbu slip over suppressor Internals: Custom made frakentorque motor G&p high torque gears with a better bevel Shs 15 tooth piston Aluminum piston head Metal cylinder head with a sorbo and neo pad Aluminum o ring air nozzle Zci 6.02 455mm barrel flat hopped with a zci bucking I have better pics on my phone I can text or email too
  3. I haven't gotten to chrono it yet since I just installed the spring but I'm guessing maybe 430-450 so it will shoot heavier bbs quite nice
  4. Looking to sell or possibly trade this g&g m16 DMR. It started as a full metal m16 then I added an ncstar quad rail. Internal upgrades are as followed. I'm asking 250 shipped OBO. May consider trades for m4s M130 spring Polished Rhopped 6.04 brass barrel Bearing spring guide Aluminum piston head O ring air nozzle Deans connectors Custom made frakentoque motor Shell holder on stock is included
  5. Selling an upgraded g&p stubby killer m4.. Here are the upgrades for this build. NO trades and asking 300$ G&p shell radiused Modify 8mm ceramic bearings Lonex a2 motor Shs 13:1s Shs 15 tooth piston lightened and AOE corrected Lonex POM piston head Ported cylinder Lonex cylinder head with sorbo and neo pad Lonex POM air nozzle Shs spring guide M110-120ish spring Zardachar lynx MOSFET with deans Flat hopped Vfc 6.03 tight bore barrel Can add mags into the package too if wanted!!!
  6. Anyone interested? All this for 1400$. This is over a 3k package and everything is only 5months old and I receipts to prove it!
  7. Not an ak guy sorry. If it was an m4 I'd be interested
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