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  1. Need to find a black m203 that works flawlessly and one 40mm bb grenade. Thanks!
  2. I'm simply looking to get two high caps for my cyma thompson. PM me!
  3. Metal is preferred, but I'll accept plastic. PM me!
  4. Looking to buy tan MOLLE pouches that can hold four AK mags. PM me!
  5. Mickeys hornet, the leg holster is for $10+ shipping. (:
  6. 1. Paypal is preferred. 2. Trades you ship first. 3. All items are shown as is. 4. Refunds you pay shipping back. 5. All prices are OBO. 6. PM me for a fast response. 7. Happy buying! Kalashnikov 60th anniversary AK47! Light scratching and scuffs around the body of the gun. Shoots about 380 fps with .2's. Accuracy is very good up to 125 feet. The gun itself is pretty heavy and realistic, and the folding stock is a great addition. Looking to get ~150 for this gun OBO. Comes with battery and 550 round high cap.
  7. Looking for a cyma Thompson outer barrel, with or without the handguard. PM me if you can help! Thanks!
  8. Full metal red dot sight that has never seen combat. It's in mint condition, and is priced at $65 shipped OBO. Sold on evike for $70. PM me for a fast response!
  9. 1. Paypal is preferred. 2. Trades you ship first. 3. Gun is shown as is. 4. PM me for a fast response! Looking to get rid of my tactical force mp5. This was my first airsoft gun and I've had it for about a year and a half. It still fires great, and I've never had any problems with it. The mp5 is in good condition, but the tactical flashlight is not operable and the safety is only on one side. Other than that, I have no problems. The gearbox will probably need to be re-shimmed in the near future. Specs: Shoots 345-350 fps consistently. Accurate to about 100 ft. Comes with one 200rd. high cap magazine, 8.4v battery and a spare stock. The stock can fit any small type battery. Mostly plastic, but with metal gears. Looking to get $90 shipped. The stock comes off and there is another small type connection. The flashider screws off counterclockwise if someone wanted to put a metal flashider or silencer on.
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