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  1. Alright, Phase 1 begins. Does anyone here have the capabilities to copy an object with a CNC machine? It will be a near 100% copy in 7075. Reply here and PM me.
  2. Aww yeah. Here we go. *cracks knuckles* What brand is the frame?
  3. So effectively putting a racing engine in an Odyssey van. OP said he'd be using this for IDPA practice. This means repeated holstering/unholstering, double taps, and rapid follow up shots. WE's cheese pot metal and gas mileage simply cannot handle that abuse, and the paint will come right off. And WE aren't exactly known for reliability and accuracy, whereas TMs are.
  4. WE: Versus Tokyo Marui: Mhmm I think we know who wins. (Biased as F***) But WE's hammer sears are made of cheese, and the paint sucks. WhistlerCustom's 1911 MEU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2P7yqAa1HxE...oRHFoe9L1FHDmHw - PGC MEU kit for marui 1911. - Detonator 10-8 rear sight - Freedom art red fiber-optic front sight - Nova recoil spring guide and plug - Nova Kimber single side safety - Nova extended slide stop Vickers type - Nova mainspring housing with magwell Vickers type - Airsoft surgeon rail guide for marui 1911 - Custom made spring guide for the BBU spring - nineball 6.03 inner barrel - Ready fighter alien grips Note: None of these are mine (I wish they were)
  5. Gimme a sec, I've got a drawing of your problem somewhere here... Ahh, here we are: Your hammer sear is worn. Find a TM aftermarket aluminum trigger and drop it in there.
  6. Jerk4 and C*ntyNCMan are still around? I guess I was living in a blissful little fantasy land for a bit then. I've been tempted to grab some friends and drive to NC to troll the crap out of him in a game. But seriously, I would avoid anything they post or recommend. They're both @$$holes, and the airsoft community would be better of without them.
  7. Not ten minutes ago I picked up a TLR-1s (s for strobe) with the Glock trigger guard contour pressure switch for 120. They're having a 15% off sale. It'll work on my real steel and my TM, and does everything a SF does for a fraction of the price. The new ones are 300 lumens too, so you're halfway between 'This isn't very bright...'(~160 Lu) and 'Hey, I'm frying vampires!' (600 Lu TLR-1HL)
  8. No no no no no NOOOOO D: Please try someone else. VFC? Pitch it to King Arms? ICS? That had all of my want.
  9. I'm comparing the KA version to your off specs picture and it looks almost just as bad. Edit: OK the KA doesn't look too bad. Out of the four (KA, G&G, LCT, and Echo1/S&T), Echo1 is by far the worst. Maybe E&L will do one?
  10. Ouch. See if you can source a new cylinder head. Someone mentioned its APS2 compat, so no biggie. As for the screw, disassemble it to just the part with the threads to Ace and go through the screw bins until you find one that fits. Keep in mind it could be metric or imperial, and loctite it in when you reassemble it.
  11. For like twenty bucks more you can have it split slide and frame sent in two packages and not worry. That's how I got my TM G17 and 5.7 passed the Customs Nazis from Airsoft Global.
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