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  1. You can easily cut the painted end of the barrel off. The KJW outer barrel is extended out further than a regular hi-capa outer barrel in order for them to paint on the orange tip. I have the same pistol and cut off the orange end of the barrel with a dremel. I did end up painting the cut end since I had an all black barrel but I ended up with a properly sized barrel. Of course you want to make sure you make a clean, straight cut. I put my dremel in a vise and then made a table saw like setup so I could push the outer barrel into the cutting wheel along a straight path. Took me 5-10 minutes to setup and less time than that to make the cut. When I was done I lightly sanded the end and then applied paint. If you are truely adverse to cutting then you can just as easily buy a replacement outer barrel that doesn't have this issue. Evike sells a number of different options.
  2. I'm a huge fan of GBB guns (more than 3/4's of my arsenal are GBB's) but I fail to see why anyone would want this. The kit itself is cheaper than buying an actual GBBR but I don't see any advantages of this kit beyond the initial price. You are still going to be saddled with having to buy expensive proprietary magazines (with a follower just waiting to be broken since it sticks out so far). I also can't imagine it solves any cold weather performance issues that normal GBBR's have. The recoil will be little to none, operation of the gun won't be any more realistic than an AEG, and maintenance looks like it would be more of a hassle than what an actual GBBR would require. Also consider that upgrade parts (and even replacement parts) for this conversion kit will be non-existent. Overall this kit has none of the fun of an actual GBBR while losing many of the benefits of a dedicated AEG or GBBR platform. If you really want a GBBR why not look into a WE G36. I've heard a lot of good things about them and they are fairly affordable for a GBBR.
  3. I would agree that this is not an ideal first/only rifle. It is a great platform to learn on and get into GBBR's with. However, you don't have to replace the internals immediately to make the rifle skirmishable. It will work with the cheap stock parts, it's just a question of how long it will work. The stock internals will, inevitably, wear out and need replacement and they will reach that point much sooner than steel internals. I have roughly 2000 rounds through a stock challenge kit build and it is still working. However, I can see internal parts starting to show wear.
  4. I've had this issue happen with my KMP9. It's a fairly common problem. Basically the disconnector spring (part 162) is overpowering the recoil spring and preventing the bolt from returning to full battery. The common fix for this issue is to slightly stretch the disconnector spring. Just use a small flat head screw driver to stretch the spring while it is still in the gun. Don't over stretch it or that will also cause the gun to not fire correctly and then you will have to replace the disconnector spring. In case you are not sure what spring I'm talking about; If you look at the gun from front to back (with the bolt removed) it is the spring visible in the back right corner of the lower receiver.
  5. Looking to pick up at least 3 fully working, non leaking KWA KMP9 magazines as soon as possible. PM me with what you got. I got cash in hand ready to buy.
  6. I live in the Levittown area myself and have been playing airsoft for about a month now. Check out c3airsoft.com, a forum specifically for south eastern PA airsofters. They organize airsoft games at 3 local PA fields, LVP South in Hatfield, Poco Loco in Pottstown, and Linglestown Paintball in Harrisburg. I've been to a few of their games at LVP South and they get great turn out and are lots of fun.
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