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  1. As the title says. I've looked everywhere, and was willing to pay if I could get a NIB kit. All I really want though, is the outer barrel, made my G&G Armament, for the Tanaka m700/m24. I prefer it to be new, or like new, and would pay a premium for such, but after much searching, I may just take about lightly skirmished outter barrels. For reference, the part number is G&G G-07-086 I prefer to be contacted on my email inopiquez AT aol.com Thanks
  2. ive bought a tanaka m700 aics preban I've had it for about a year, and throughout that year, bought many aftermarket upgrades (all of which were installed correctly and I have used the rifle plenty of times for plinking). Eventually though, my rifle started acting up. When cocking the bolt, the steel cocking piece did not catch on to the metal piece that kept it from impacting the valve knocker. Ive tried trouble shooting everything in my rifle, and even replacing the (already upgraded G&G steel cocking piece) with another g&g steel cocking piece. (maybe 5000 rounds of wear and tear). The last suspect on my list of problems would be the piece that's located on the top of the trigger mechanism, my guess would be that it eventually became too rounded and could no longer latch the steel cocking piece to refrain it from firing. Would anybody know the name of this piece, or would know of a place to buy one. Additionally, if anyone is selling the whole trigger mechanism, I would gladly buy it from them. here is a picture for reference, Note: it is the metal piece that stands vertically, contacting the index finger feel free to leave a post, or email me -- inopiquez<AT>aol.com any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you
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