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  1. What is the model of the gun? KWA switches things up all the time.
  2. Nope, modifying it will make it inconsistent at best, just buy a new chamber packing. I believe the Maple Leaf/A+ packings have that flat elongated shape to them.
  3. Not worth upgrading, the most cost effective would be to sell it and buy a TM 1911.
  4. I mean, most people play airsoft to play airsoft, not to show off their bodies.
  5. Just a PVC pipe barrel, a PVC air reservoir, a solenoid operated sprinkler valve, and some 9v batteries. Also a half mile T-shirt cannon? Sure...
  6. Wish I help, I only have the 552, hopefully someone else has one laying around.
  7. Just saying, and I am not trying to be a phallus. If you can't put a full parts list together for a custom build, you will likely run into many problems with the building of the gun. There will likely be fittment issues with the externals, problems with the gearbox tuning, electrical problems. There is also the problem of DSG gearboxes being inherently higher maintenance and more prone to breaking down. I don't want to discourage you from teching, but if you want to try this, make sure you plan to go well over budget for is parts don't fit, break, get modified and too much material is cut off, etc. If you just want a gun that is 60RPS, a HPA drop in engine will probably do what you want for less money and more reliability.
  8. Do you know if there happens to be something in the works for the KWA/KWC glock series? The FPG really likes to freeze up
  9. We and TM use 10-24, or at least something very close to that.
  10. But Renegade, he put "revolverzzz" in there so you are set.
  11. Angel Customs parts Cary wildly but are generally low quality and off spec. The only parts from them I would recommend are ones non critical to accuracy or performance.
  12. 3.2 is a good place to stop. Check your battery after every game, when it reaches 3.4 or lower, I put it on the charger. You can get lipo checkers that tell you the voltage of each cell.
  13. A drop in has a MOSFET but it does nothing to save your contacts blah blah blah. You will need to figure out a way to install a real MOSFET with wiring harness if you want any of the benefits
  14. Would a short prevent the gun from firing at all as the current follows bthe path of least resistance and thus bypasses the motor? I'm thinking the combo of this power thirsty high speed SHS with 12:1 gears and an M120 is holding right at or above the batteries rated 42 amps constant which is then doing what airborne said, the battery loses amp output and locks up. Definately check for shorts anyway on everything and test for a damaged MOSFET. You can do very simple "Current draw tests" by putting in fuses of different ratings or by using a current draw meter designed for RC plane and car motors.
  15. It is most likely a small Tamiya connector on the battery. I suggest getting a smart charger, more specifically the IMAX B6 but seeing as that charger costs quite a bit compared to the gun you bought, mostly any charger labeled "Airsoft Smart Charger" should do it.
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