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  1. Hello all, We would not be here without the support of our fellow airsofters. We have been a success on eBay and various forums and now we are officially launching our website. Our success is all thanks to you! Our website offers flat rate shipping!! $0-$50 = $3 $50.01 - 99.99 = $8 $100 and over = FREE! We are running this limited sale to show our appreciation! Super Shooter Gear Sets - $22 shipped each -100:200 -100:300 -13:1 -14:1 -16:1 -18:1 -32:1 SHS 15 Teeth Piston - $9 shipped each SHS 14 Teeth Piston - $9 shipped each SHS High Torque Long Motor - $25 shipped each SHS 84 or 108 Round 40mm Grenades - $20 shippped each -full aluminum construction -utilizes green gas We will be announcing weekly specials on FaceBook, stay tuned! Best Kevin
  2. Green Label Eagle Industries Maritime CIRAS size Medium in MJK. Very Good overall condition except where the material ripped under a row of stitching. While there is a rip, it is extremely sturdy in that area and I am under the impression that It will not rip anymore. The material simply refuses to do so. The rip is invisible from the front of the vest and you have to be looking for it in order to find it. It does NOT affect the functionality of this vest and you are still able to mount pouches over the rip. This is the earlier production, "Green Label," Ciras and from my understanding makes this more sought after. The CIRAS also includes an integrated sling, which I also believe is Eagle industries as the webbing matches the CIRAS perfectly. Its worth noting that 04/05 items have green labels and tags. These are generally worth more than later items, that may be the exact same, a couple of years later. The green label only applies to Eagle Industries gear, not Allied Industries gear. Pouches and vest with "green label" are usually rarer than the more recent kits, hence more valuable. Picture makes it seem a lot worse than it I. Asking price: 350 OR BEST OFFER Eagle Industries double m4/m16 magazine pouch in MJK. This is also a green label item. Very good condition, wear on the bottom over the brass hardware located on the bottom however no visible wear or blemishes. Slightly used but most certainly not abused. 50 OR BEST OFFER Unknown Brand Replica MAP in 1000D cordura. Closest replica I could find, thats why I bought it. Matches up to the Eagle Industries MJK rather well No blemishes or rips in the material, however there are some small stains on it that may be able to be gotten out. Not sure what to ask, but for now 60 OR BEST OFFER Unknown MBTIR pouch replica in 1000D Cordura, slightly darker than the EI MJK. 10 Firm
  3. The inside of the gearbox is sexier :) We have considered the gearboxes, however for M100/M120 gearboxes, they would range about $145 shipped. They are available in version 3 and higher spring rates (prices are higher). We have considered selling complete gearboxes but have strayed away as we believe many mechanics would like to build their own. If you're interested, we can still order it for you. We currently have the hop up in SHS (M4). $13 shipped. Unless the lonex hop up is special, we will not be carrying it as SHS' hop up are working for our customers.
  4. Hey all, We have just received our Lonex shipment! All prices are SHIPPED Flash Magazine for M4 - $25 -360 bb capacity -metal body -integrated speed winder Flash Magazine for AK - $28 -520 bb capacity -metal body -integrated speed winder 8mm Version 2 Gearbox - $42 -m4 selector plate -8mm bearings, tappet plate and screws included 8mm Version 3 Gearbox - $48 -tappet plate, screws and gearbox plate included P90 Air seal nozzle - $12 P90 Version 6 Cylinder head - $20 -aluminum -double o-ring POM Piston head - $18 -bearings Polycarbonate Piston - $18 -10 metal teeth Polycarbonate Piston Extreme - $22 -10 metal teeth Hard Hop Up Bucking - $9 -70 degree Motor brush - $10 -one pair High Torque Long Motor - $48 High Speed Long Motor - $48 Gearbox V2 Screw Set - $9 Motor pin/clip set - $12 -set of 10 with 10 silicon covers AK motor mount - $20 M4 steel trigger - $10 -spring included Also check out our SHS list! http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/SHS-Part...nd-t224929.html
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