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  1. Sir, please refrain from double posting.
  2. <AT>stickydude1 Hey dude, is your sister single?
  3. I'm going to tell all my friends on AOL!
  4. <AT>airborne101 how long do you think?
  5. Hey there all you cool cats and kittens
  6. Hey thanks guys. I'll check out 5.11's closeout/clearance stuff, and their cheaper retail boots.
  7. Hi! Just signed up to the forums today (obviously). Recently getting back into Airsoft so I decided to finally sign up here. I'm a long time lurker, though. If you haven't noticed I'm kind of a fan of Shakespeare (hence the name and topic title, lol). I was wondering if anyone could give me some recommendations for boots? Preferably black. I've had bad luck with boots in the past and would like some outside help. Would like to keep them around $100 if possible. Thanks!
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