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  1. do the box mags for p90s have any flaws in their design to be worried about?
  2. ok, so I bought a DE AK47 recently and was suprised by it's performance, so I want to get some spare mags. but, im not entirly sure what mags will fit into it right, any help?
  3. s camoflouge used in huntig considered a BDU?
  4. it really depends on your play style.if you usualy go from CQB to mid range,id say to get the carbine.but if you will sometimes be in long range engagements,a longer rifle will be in order.I personaly do not recomend any kind of M4 or M16,I tend to stay with AKs and shotguns,but I will recomend wichever gun will be most versitle.
  5. you may want to look into the DoubleEagle AK47s.airsoft megastore has these little beasts for only 85 bucks and are compact, biul with plenty of metal,and are actualy suprisingly effective.
  6. yea,I put a good 100 rounds through it before the problem was fixed.
  7. you know,I wasliteraly about to go to the store to do that,but then I shot the gun a few times and the prroblem seemed to fix itself........how does that happen?!?
  8. Ahem....gentlemen. so anyway,today I went up into newark to shorty usa's shop (the actual place) and I bought myself one of the popula UTG M3 tri-shot airsoft shotguns. its a great gun,don't get me wrong,but when I put bbs through it (I use high polished .25 gam bio bbs) the shots violently curve up or down at about 40 to 50 feet out.I have cleaned the barrel,but the problem still exists. now,I havenot operated with a tri-shotspring shotgun before,so I ask for help. (is this normal,or a problem?)
  9. well my cousin has one of these and he says that is is pretty good.
  10. hey,ive heard that this AK47 doesnt take standard mags.is this true?
  11. ok,so my grandfather insists on him buying an AK47 airsoft gun even though I wan to get one with mai own money,but I wont reject to him.so I ws looking for AK47 AEGs with short barrels and collapsable stocks,and I came across this http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/DE_AK47_Sp...p/de-m901-c.htm sooo.....with its very low price,I am wonering if it is a good AEG.is it?
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