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  1. Bump. Send offers please, worst I can say is no. Really want this stuff gone
  2. SVD sold. Everything else is still available. Im open to reasonable offers.
  3. Bump for Item added. Open to reasonable offers
  4. Item For Sale:Marui m733 Price:$175.00 Condition:Used Accessories/Upgrades: None Payment Options:Paypal or Cash FF Location:Nebraska Shipping Included In Price(Y/N):N Ship Method/Pickup: Both Willing To Trade(Y/N):N Im selling this for a friend of mine who no longer plays. It was purchased in Japan a few years ago when he was stationed there. My friend no longer plays so no trades are desired at this time. Internally its stock tm. I recently wired to deans for use with 7.4 lipos. Comes with 1 Hicap and a gun case pictured below. Item For Sale:KSC G19 SOLD Item For Sale: TM series 70 1911SOLD Item For Sale: TM mp5k SOLD Item For Sale: Tokyo Marui m4 CRW High Cycle Custom Price: $300 Condition: Great shape, less than one year old! Accessories/Upgrades: Gun is 100% stock except I wired it to deans connectors. Payment Options: Paypal or Cash Location: West Des Moines, IA Shipping Included In Price(Y/N): N Ship Method/Pickup: Buyer pays shipping if necessary, I will ship UPS with insurance. Willing To Trade(Y/N): N Gun is in like new condition with only a few minor scuffs on the body from usage. Purchased the gun new from Ehobbyasia. Will come with one TM hi-cap magazine, 4 plastic MAG brand mid-caps, 3 1800mah 7.4v SkyLipo batteries (2 are 20c 1 is 40c), a lipo charger, and the original box/manuals/ect. Gun shoots extremely fast and has an amazing trigger response. Chrono's at about 280fps and 30rps, and shoots exceptionally well. Item For Sale: S&T M3 Grease gun Price: 180 OBO Condition: Used but in excellent shape Accessories/Upgrades: Custom made OSS suppressor Payment Options:Paypal or cash f2f Location: Nebraska Shipping Included In Price(Y/N): Y Ship Method/Pickup: Both Willing To Trade(Y/N):N Bought this last summer but never fielded it. Trying to downsize and save for a new bike at the same time. Comes with 2 hi cap 550 round mags. Wired to deans but no batteries included. This is the battery you need though (http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/s...Lipo_Pack.html) Item For Sale: WE SVDSOLD Item For Sale: WE G39K SOLD Item For Sale: Upgraded TM Dectonics 45SOLD Item For Sale: Rail Mounted M203 Launcher Package Price: $80 Condition: Good shape, works fine. Accessories/Upgrades: 2-48 round Pro Arms shells, 3-96 round NIB Pro Arms shells, and double 203 shell pouch. Payment Options: Paypal or Cash. Location: West Des Moines Shipping Included In Price(Y/N): N Ship Method/Pickup: Buyer pays shipping if necessary, I will ship UPS with insurance. Willing To Trade(Y/N): N Rail mounted m203 launcher. The launcher is in 100% working condition, not sure of actual brand but it has Colt trades on it. The launcher will also come with 5 shells, 2-48 round used Pro Arms shells, and 3-96 round new in box Pro Arms shells. All shells are also in 100% working condition and leak free. Price is $80
  5. Selling to fund an MP9. thanks for looking Echo 1 Red Star All stock except the addition of a mosfet, wired for deans. Shoots right at 400 w/.20s. Shoots VERY VERY WELL. I'm just not an AK guy. Comes with the attached AK sling. I will include 1 steal midcap and 1 rpk style mid caps. Will sell for $160.00 shipped USPS priority with insurance. (lowered price because needs new Hopup) Little 74u clone- Wired to deans. has a JG 7mm gearbox and shoots 355 with .20's. Plastic receiver. Plastic Grip. Plastic foregrip. Metal barel, flash, and top cover. Basic little gun for a backup in case your primary goes down. Would sell with one RPK mid, shipped USPS priority and insured for 65.00. I also have 4 AK Stick, Hot Power Lipos that I am looking to sell for $20.00 a piece. (if interested but prices seem high, make REASONABLE offers) Thanks for looking guys
  6. Cleaning out my gun safe because I've finally come to the conclusion that I have way to many guns. All prices are OBO so feel free to make an offer, the worst I could say is no. Not really looking for any trades right now, but feel free to make an offer you feel is fair. All questions are welcome so feel free to ask if there is anything you would like to know! I can accept paypal and buyer will pay shipping on all items. 1. TM AUG. All stock internals. Comes with a Leepers 4x32 scope, UTG 8.4V 1100mAh battery, four midcap magazines, and a UTG two point sling. ASKING $200 2. Marushin M500. This is a gas 8mm tri-shot shotgun. This is the Spartan Imports (US) version capable of using green gas/propane. Will come with 4 bags of Marusing 8mm BB's in varying colors and weights. ASKING $200 Included 8mm BB's: 3. KWC Co2 Desert Eagle. This is the select fire model (semi and full auto) with metal barrel and slide. Also fully licensed through cybergun. Brand new in box, only one mag fired through it to check functionality. Retails for about $150. ASKING $100
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