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  1. Is this the Masada or the ACR? All the Masadas I see are in the 350$ range new, but the ACR is closer to 510
  2. If the oil doesnt solve the problems(rather the removal of oil) I would also check to make sure that little spring on top of the hop up arms that rests against the inside of the outter barrel is correctly seated. It took me a long time to get my spring in there with the unit correctly, even using the scotch tape method. Also what BBs are you using?
  3. Ok so I almost posted this information about 2 weeks ago, but since Bioval responded to my initial inquisition about the BBB Dimplex project I, out of a reciprocated respect, withdrew from sharing this news on the net. I emailed back to ask permission to post and discuss the new news but did not receive a response. I imagine if they were planning any grand unveiling or holding news for other reasons they would have responded by now. So here it is. The following is an email correspondence from bioval directly. "Hello XXXX Thanks for your email and your interest in Bioval products. As you may know Bioval Technologies is now part of the Cybergun Group, the leading multi national company in licensed airsoft products. Bioval, of course, will continue to produce the high quality bbs you have become accustomed to using. The Dimplex project is in a new phase and we will release news about this project soon. Best, Bioval Technologies" SO this means the Dimplex and dimpled BBs in general are no longer a pipe dream. The project is alive and seemingly well, and I for one simply can not wait for further information. This post is mainly to inform those who care of the news, not really to discuss the dimpled BBs as there are tons of topics everywhere on that.
  4. I cut open quite a few .3s and never found an air bubble. Bioshot ones that is.
  5. Well I am really looking forward to using the R-hop as it just seems too nice to pass up. I will likely install this in an m14 I have yet to build, though from what I hear it sounds like it would be great in my m4. If you don't mind can I ask a few quick questions; Have you had any experience, or know of those who have, in using this setup in a PDI chamber for a l96 variant? The reason I ask is because they use AEG barrels but more importantly it basically has two hopup units in one, in that it has the left and the right adjustment(im sure you are aware). Would this prove to complicate thing too much as now we are adding a new axis for malfunction and uneven pressure? When tuning on a standard barrel is it common that the shot is mostly streight right from the start and the tuning is just elevation control, or does the left right ever get affected? I imagine if you were to somehow sand the U unevenly you could altar the path the bb takes, has this happened to many(any)? Second quick question, using the standard R patch and an m4 shooting 400 with .2s is it okay/possible to tune the gun to work well with .25s or do you need to jump to .28? Thanks HS5 Ah and I may have missed it, but what IS your youtube channel named?
  6. Just an update for anyone who doesnt follow bioshot's facebook; "All of the weights that we will be now offering are: .20g, .23g, .25g, .28g, .30g, .32g, and a .36g. The .36g was the hard one but we got it. I hope you guys like it! Also, pre-orders will probably be offered in the next couple of days so keep an eye out!" -Bioshot They were having feed issues. I as well had some pretty bad feed issues of the .3s in my m4. They say the problem has been fixed, but the new batch of BBs is not out yet. I can say that in my mk96 the .3s fire VERY well and VERY consistent. The .3s also have zero bubbles when chopped up, my bioval .4s have a single bubble, close to center but not always perfect. Even with the bubbles the Bioval .4s are very consistent. I no longer use the .3s as they are just a little too light for the place I play on sundays. Very high wind is common, and since I have a PDI chamber in my mk96 I have found one BB that I like and that is the one I stick to. For the Bioval fans, and airsoft fans in general, there is big news on the horizon. I have been granted a little insider info from Bioval(first hand) and am waiting to hear back from them about weather or not I can share the info. They never said I couldn't but I would rather be respectful since they were kind enough to participate in a dialog with me.
  7. Just trying to get a basis for cost when buying one. I have been using a walking wheel/meter that rides the ground to measure distance. Unfortunately like the tape it still means you have to walk it out. With the wheel slight discrepancies can occur from bumps and hills adding slightly more distance, though really I have never questioned the accuracy, I would just rather use a laser haha. I imagine your lady is a decent shot, since shooting her is probably out of the question, next time you take the rifle out how about taking a few shots from her at 300ft? that seems to be a good benchmark for a great distance and I would be curious to see how it feels out there.
  8. Did I see correctly or did not one person mention the break in period of a new bucking. New buckings need some time to break in and seat fully before you see their final accuracy, though this was more of a wrong part for the wrong piece, just something to keep in mind.
  9. Can I ask what laser rangefinder you use? I have been looking at picking one up, but want to do it as cheaply as possible while still maintaining accuracy. The good news is the cheaper ones seem to be more accurate at lesser distances since they seem to lack at longer distances without a good reflective surface. I may end up paying more as it would be nice to use this for real steel shooting as well. Have you had any volunteers to take some hits at various distances to see how the impact is felt at the extended ranges? +1 on the higher power scope. Totally not needed for typical uses(accuracy in real steel rifles) but for airsoft it is great for tracing the flight path of BBs, and who doesnt like to see which way a target is looking before shooting them? haha
  10. Two things What lipo are you considering? an 11v lipo with a 20 or 25c rating would be nice for a dmr as you would get very crisp and responsive shots(almost instant) but they can eventually damage your trigger contacts especially when using semi auto only. A mosfet, in this situation, is basically a relay that takes almost all of the power away from the trigger contacts so that this trigger damage never becomes an issue. If you are using a 7.4v it is not really an issue and the response should still be pretty good, though if you get into serious power you might need the 11v to make things work right. The other thing I forgot to mention last night is, and you will have to double check this, I believe m14s to have a slightly different barrel/hopup clip than most aeg cut barrels. you MIGHT need a barrel designed for an m14 hopup unit for it to fit perfect. Again I read this somewhere that was not to credible so it may not be the case.
  11. Just chiming in. A lot of people here are of the mindset "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and while that is very very true I can also understand where you are comming from with wanting to build a gun that is solid from tip to tail. If you upgrade almost everything you have less to worry about. Get the best parts you can and it eliminates those parts from future testing and diagnostics. The sad part is it doesn't always work like that. Now if you complete your list, or an altered one by these guys, you will definitely be better off just don't get frustrated when things don't work the first time or even if something breaks. I think I know where you are coming from though. Instead of trying to make stuff work, it would be nice to spend a few extra bucks and just have something that works without your help. A few things to consider though before you buy all you can. There is a max length for airsoft barrels after which any increase in length returns vastly diminished results. I hope someone will chime in with the number, but I believe the length to be around mid 400mms, though with you're m14 you do have to be careful about your cylinder volume vs barrel volume. I had another point that I thought was a good one, but its gone now. Too sleepy I suppose haha. I am soon to build a dedicated DMR (double :p) as well, so keep us(me) updated.
  12. Considering regulators can be very small, especially in the absence of a gauge(though it would make things more touchy) there is no reason an on-board regulator couldn't be used. It definitely depends on the gun, most m4 variants would have a decent sized stock that could double as an air tank, but it would look a bit rough. Squad weapons have room that could be used to hide a tank, though in those cases you're expected to fire a lot of rounds(being a true machine gun) and as such the tank would need to be very large indeed. I was thinking more along the lines of custom tanks, different shapes than the standard round that could be designed to fit with specific guns in specific places, though I imagine the cost to be prohibitively high. I just cant imagine following as close to milsim as possible and at the same time not being able to put the gun down. While I see it as being less parts to foul up inside the gearbox, especially at those higher fps settings, it still feels clunky to me. Does anyone know how many shots per C.I. of 3k or 4.5k air you get?
  13. I would love this a lot more if they incorporated some form of internal tank, even if it is a buffer tube with a molded crane stock on it similar to what paintball guns have been doing for ages. Ultimately though I don't like the idea of throwing a paintball remote with compressed air tank on it, especially not for 2000 shots (which was a figure mentioned on one of their youtube videos, though they did not mention the CI of the tank or if it was 3k,4.5k etc) I REALLY like the sound and not having crapgas in leaky mags and all in all I really like that a company is taking steps to advance our sport drastically and give the consumer options. Too often the people are content with stagnation.
  14. If you like the G36 style I would for sure go KWA, just make sure it is the 2gx (newest generation) as the first g36 kwa made was not too great. If you were to get a kwa g36 and run a 9.6 or 7.4 lipo the thing should last forever. That said every manufacturer has lemons but in general kwa has recently (well since 2009 or so) been putting out a pretty solid gun. Keep in mind when you buy a mid priced aeg(200-300) that if you stay out of the gearbox(spring upgrades) and don't just hose BBs constantly with an 11v lipo they all last pretty well. For the ultimate in dependability TM does make a solid gun and mostly always has. The gun will shoot a lot lower fps than most clones due to japan law, but of coarse can be upgraded, though they shine when they are left alone. A barrel will help accuracy and a little range. The fps down range thing isnt too big of a deal. while remaining legal at fields the difference isnt too huge and all legal guns suffer from a longer travel time than we would often like. Lucky you to have a girl that will play airsoft with you. I ALMOST got my fiancee to play when she saw the gun below, but alas no luck. From airsoft GI
  15. It will be very solid and reliable out of the box, the TM that is, and it will basically be a gun you won't have to worry about until you want more. As with all TMs standard they come at a much lower FPS than you would like, its just their laws. I cant imagine anyone buying an m14 for indoor where the fps is reasonable, though keep in mind it will still do ok outdoor, just be prepared to be outranged. I played with a TM m14 once about 4 years ago and could say that it was nice. very long(duh) and very bulky as I was actually playing cqb with it haha, But the exterior is very nice and its the gun everyone else is cloning. I too am in the market for an m14, but seeing as it would be upgraded a lot right from the start a TM isnt really worth it to me, at least not new. That said I am very weary of buying non TM guns used, though in general any gun has about equal chance of being trashed by its previous owner. Have you checked out the G&G EBRs? I am still researching, but that exterior looks very nice. I have been playing with the idea of buying a standard version and painting it white with black accents, bring back the old Rainbow Six Rogue Spear days haha Sorry I don't know much about the CYMA versions. EDIT: The WE M14 gas blowback rifles are getting pretty good reviews and look like they are a blast to shoot. Completely different playstyle than most are used to though (30 round clips) and I am still not sold on a gas rifle.
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