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  1. Yeah there's a game about a hour away from u nextgenairsoft.co.nr
  2. I sent u a message sorry for taking so long to get back to you
  3. I choose kwa, but kwc makes some pretty good gbb that are very affordable.
  4. I totally love mine does anyone else have it im looking for a extra mag. btw here is my review
  5. Hi My name is josh I run airsoft events in the capital region of new york near zip code 12078 (johnstown) Our events cost 5 dollars Very Very Cheap and they start at twelve and run till whenever. Please give me a call check for dates on the website Thank you. website: Nextgenairsoft.co.nr the way I work it out is I rent out a paintball feild for the day so I need alot of people to come for the event to pay for its self field: http://www.lashspaintball.com/ PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS WE NEED ALOT OF PEOPLE. AND ALSO SIGN UP ON OUR WEBSITE WE SEND ALOT OF INFO THROUGH THERE. thegville<AT>gmail.com
  6. Alright so I was on craigslist and I saw machine gun for video games and I got a the pulse r-76 not a crap gun its 130 dollar one but I traded mw2 cod4 and waw for it its 375 fps with .20!!!!! and effective range is 120ft tell me bout what u think I should get for it all I have is the gun plus rails should I get a scope grip sling what
  7. Ive Heard About This Website From My Friends And Sponsors. So I Decided To Join. I Own A Airsoft Store In Its Beta Stages Deluxeairsoftsupply.co.nr im not sure if we are aloud to post links. I Hope That I Can Offer Information About Airsoft To Those Who Need It. I Am Basically In Charge Of The Website It Is Owned By My Mom But Im The Spokesperson In Other Words And I Have Administrative Privileges On There It Will Soon Be A .com But It Is In Testing Stages And Very Successful. Since It Is New It Has Some Kinks To Work Out But Blah Blah Blah. My Name Is Josh I Have Been Playing Airsoft Since I Was 12 Im 14 I Like To Play Airsoft I Have A R-76 ( The Only Good Cross Man Pulse) I Have It In Green Tiger :). I Play At High Energy Paintball In Upstate New York. But Hello And Mods Sorry If I Broke Any Rules.
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