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  1. I would like to buy a Vltor Emod stock in black but I can't seem to find any in stock that are a reasonable price. If anyone has one, preferably Classic Army, that they are willing to sell for a good price please PM me. All of the ones I've seen online are over $100 and I don't feel that's reasonable. Thanks.
  2. Linky SHS rebrand? The price is right and everything looks pretty good except for the piston plus Dytac usually has a pretty good reputation. Has anyone had any experience with their internals?
  3. I've seen perfect AOE from the factory before. It was on a Matrix/Aimtop M4 of all things. The rest of the gun was garbage but the AOE was spot on. In regards to the bushings, you could get Modify ceramic bearings. Your setup isn't too demanding and they've proven to be worth the money.
  4. I like this idea as well and if nothing else, thank you for putting all the links in one convenient place.
  5. The Chimera mosfet has just been released and looks to be a good one. Check the classifieds over at airsoft mechanics
  6. I just wanted to add something about soldering deans connectors; make sure you don't cut both battery wires at the same time. If both wires are exposed you run the risk of them touching and burning out your battery. Install one wire at a time and your good to go.
  7. It's already been discussed. This thread has gotten ridiculous, I'm done here.
  8. The left over adhesive is not the problem here.
  9. wrong. I've done the same thing as the OP on a kydex knife sheath, some light sanding and some oil and it looked brand new.
  10. I think Magpul stuff has kind of worn out it's welcome. Anyone and everyone has some bit of magpul on their guns now (me included). IMHO the other stuff on the market looks more aggressive and functions just as well if not better than most of Magpuls stuff.
  11. This^^^. Once you've used the fine grit sandpaper massage some oil into the area. The plastic should absorb some of it to make the area a more uniform color.
  12. is a video of the long awaited GBB VFC HK416C. No indication of a release date yet but at least there is proof of a fully functioning model. Enjoy.
  13. LadyRainne, welcome. The learning process can be slow but asking questions in the appropriate section on this forum is one of the best ways to learn. There is a great community of very experienced players here that can answer any question you have. To address your vague questions/issues, don't worry about the teasing. A lot of times guys tease girls that play airsoft because they expect them to "behave like girls". If you take the sport seriously and play honestly then the teasing will stop. I'm glad that you have experience with proper gun safety because that is one area that most people need some serious education, even though these are toy guns you can still get some nasty injuries from them if you're not safe. Also, improperly handling a toy gun over time will develop training "scars" which will get you into a lot of trouble if/when you pick up a real weapon. I don't really agree with what Mutinous said about letting your boyfriend shoot you because that @&$% hurts. It's kind of a double edged sword though because it could help you get used to the pain of being shot or it could give you more motivation, in game, to avoid getting shot and using cover properly. But even powerful guns will not injure you. I've been shot in pretty much every part of my body and I can tell you that the worst injury I've sustained while airsoft is when I jumped through a doorway and slipped on some broken glass, resulting in a sliced up arm and a couple of big bruises. But like you said, you could get hurt stepping out your front door so get out there and show those boys how to play.
  14. Worst case scenario- Just buy a new mag. It sucks when that happens but at least you got a good deal on the gun.
  15. YES!! I've been very anxiously awaiting the TM version since they indicated they were making one but it seems to be taking forever. With WE's recent improvement in QC and overall quality this will definitely be my next pistol purchase. I hope it comes out soon. Thanks for the link.
  16. Google "micro switch in aeg" the first link is a PDF that Extremefire put out regarding micro switch problems. While a great idea in theory, it's not a realistic solution until they design a better switch.
  17. I used RSOV to order my WE G17 and there were no problems with customs. In fact, the tracking info provided by them shows that it took exactly 4 minutes to clear US customs. RSOV also has many versions of the G18 in stock.
  18. I saw this same classified on Airsoft Society today with quite a few "scammer" comments but it appears as if they have magically disappeared. Caveat Emptor.
  19. I haven't tried the G4 bbs but I can say that after a good washing I've had very good result using Madbull .36s. Despite having air bubbles and the negativity surrounding madbull heavies, I was getting very good groupings at 100-150 feet. That was with an AEG though so your results may vary.
  20. More info can be found on the butane issue if you search but if I remember correctly, butane doesn't have enough pressure to cycle a gbbp. When using propane, you drop some silicone into the propane bottle opening (where the gas comes out). I personally only put silicone in my propane once every 12-15 magazine fills. Others do it more frequently but I don't think it's necessary.
  21. It won't. It needs like a 1 1/2 mag pouch so double mag pouches are required. You could also use HSGI tacos and maybe blue force gear ten speed pouches.
  22. The connector issue shouldn't be a problem. Also, don't worry about the sparking. You'll know when the battery has been fried. I've sparked mine a few times on different occasions and they are still running fine.
  23. <AT>azezaf it looks like your bucking is seated unevenly which could contribute to inconsistencies. For your FPS level a systema bucking should do it and they are pretty cheap.
  24. One of my teammates has an AGM SCAR and it shoots quite nicely but it has started to fall apart a little. It's about a year old now and the bolt cover has come loose as well as the charging handle. The body screws strip easily if you're not careful and recently the inner barrel fell out of the outer for some reason. I haven't gotten my hands on it to find out what happened but I would say go for the Dboys.
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