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  1. Masada,Charger,all motors,Gear,ICS gearbox, Motor Grip, and Deans Sold! If you Buy the G&P,I will throw Inl the rest of the airsoft stuff I have!!
  2. First Person who offers me a Nice Xbox package deal,Can take a gun of there choice. Cash offers are open aswell! hurry hurry! Text me at 318-780-8736 for super fast resonses!
  3. <AT>koreansniper you have not pmed me at all,but anyways,I'm not taking airsoft related trades,either cash or xbox stuff, What I'm mainly looking for in trades are good quality headsets and modded controllers + cash,I might take 1 console as well,depends on whats included with it.
  4. <AT>magpulftw no I got it brand new for Christmas
  5. ok....One of my biggest fears is airsoft boring me. Its here and it hit hard,and at the same time it also hit my friends too. Im sorry guys,but I may not come back. So Im going to let you guys have my stuff. ONLY trades are HD PVRS,Xbox controllers,Any xbox stuff and Good quailty Xbox 360 Headsets Rules: 1.Paypal Only 2Items are shipped Via USPS 3.Guns will be shipped via UPS 4.Items are shipped AS-IS 5.shipping is included in price 6.Items will be shipped with in 2-3 days Note:Im only 14 and I have to rely on my dad to ship items,so please don't question items are priced with shipping included Offer up on the small items,but Ill list the guns and stuff right here. 1.Supermate DC6 charger-20$ (No power source included 2.11.1 30c Sky lipo 1800 mah-15$ 3.16in outer barrel-20$ 4.14.5in barrel 20$ 5.ICS split gearbox,No screws included,Decently Shimmed with XYT gears,and rest with stock dboys internals,No piston,wiring,Spring or spring guide, 6.Tokyo marui EGX max 1000 Short type motor-25$ 7.SHS HT short type motor-25$ 8.Classic Army Cranestock W/ Buffer tube(no screw)-30$ 9.kwa glock 17/18c mag-20$ 10.madbull propane adaptor 11.WE GBBR Mag-15$Idk if open or closed bolt 12.MISC items-cheap and random Ill randomly throw some small stuff in your box for free Offer up on the rest of the stuff. 1.A&K Masada-320$ Upgrades:KWA 2gx Motor,Everything else stock. Comes with: Masada,1 360rd Tan Pmag,1 75rd black Pmag,7.4v 25c Lipo,EOtech Clone 552,Original Box and papers. 2.G&P m4 (My Baby)-420$ Upgrades:Lonex HT motor,JG gears,SHS Full metal teeth piston,m110,Bearing spring guide,Custom ported Cylinder,Sorbo,Matrix Poly Airnozzle,and a AWS stealth FET wired to deans,Madbull Ultimate Hop-up,Madbull 6.03 300mm Inner barrel,R-Hop and Everything else stock Externals:G&P zombie Killer body.ACM CTR stock,MOE pistol grip,ACM DD 7in Omega RIS,VLtor Flashhider,CW to CCW adaptor,MAGpul RVG,ACM Comp M2 Aimpoint.everything else is stock. Comes with:Gun,Aimpoint,11.1v 20c Lipo,G&P Midcap,2 MAG midcaps,Modify Female deans plug for battery. don't be afraid on something you want,Ill consider Any Offers!
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