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  1. Hey Guys! We are doing 20% Off today only for most in stock and special order items. http://www.foxairsoft.com http://i1265.photobucket.com/albums/jj510/Foxairsoft/December%20Marketing/Green-Monday-Fox-Airsoft_zpse68fa82f.jpg[/img]
  2. Hey Gents! This week we are offering a special package with the purchase of any LCT AEG - in stock or special order. You will receive a 7.4v 1200mah LIPO battery, an IMAXB6 Smart LIPO Charger, and a deans connector upgrade to the gun! http://www.foxairsoft.com/airsoft-guns/lct-airsoft/
  3. Hey guys! Here are some of the deals we have coming on Cyber Monday! Check out Cyber Monday <AT> Fox Airsoft!
  4. Hey guys, Black Friday is coming to Fox Airsoft!
  5. Mystery Box Madness is on! Click Here to purchase yours before they're gone!
  6. Hey guys! We have some great LCT package deals going on this week! Buy any LCT AEG and automatically receive a deans upgrade, a 7.4v 1200 mah LIPO battery and a bottle of Elite Force .25 BBs! LCT AEGS!
  7. Hey guys! We will have our $99 mystery boxes available starting November 18th! Only 50 are available and one will include an Ashbury ASW 338 Sniper Rifle + Accessories - a $950 value! The others will also include a high quality Gas Blowback Pistol valued at $125! Make sure to order yours on November 18th at: Fox Airsoft
  8. Hey guys! Here is a video review of the new LCT AS VAL! The gun is scheduled for release in late January!
  9. Halloween Sale <AT> Fox Airsoft! 30% Off BBs and Combat Gear!
  10. Halloween Sale <AT> Fox Airsoft! 30% Off BBs and Combat Gear!
  11. Hey guys! Make sure to check out our biggest sale on Elite Force AEGs this year! 25% Off + Free Shipping on Elite Force M4 CQBs! Go to www.foxairsoft.com to place your order today! Click Here to Purchase the Elite Force M4 CQB!
  12. Here are some of the items on sale - Prices are already set online - no need for coupon codes! Classic Army MOE Carbine Sportline ICS CQB/SPR Combo LMT Defender 2000 Digital PVS-14 Night Vision CALL 1-888-316-7816 For a Special Deal on the Ashburry ASW338LM!
  13. La Foret Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/LaForetAirsoftField La Foret Field Page http://www.foxairsoft.com/la-foret-airsoft...lorado-springs/
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