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  1. I'm wondering if someone could tell the name of connectors at the end of the wire harness on a FCU. Need a custom length made and I have no idea what to order for the crimp connector
  2. perfect, thanks for the update. just in time for my polarstar DMR build.
  3. As said before, it'll depend on the field rules but also how the field plays. In oklahoma most field are woods but alot of combat happens within 100' simply because short line of sight distance. This shorter combat distance really hampers BASR and DMR roles because their minimum engagement is 100'. Before putting the time and money into a long range rifle, look at the fields you'll be playing at and consider if having that extra range wiill help or force you to back off beyond line of sight and thus usuable range.
  4. slam firing sounds like, install new trigger sears
  5. before throwing that much money into I'd look DIY mods. Check airsoftsniperforum.com those guys are a wealth of information on upgrading BASR's. So on to your actual question. Replace the bucking with a good quality hard and use R-Hop The stock cylinder head can be turned into a damper with a simple foam peice added and give it a cone shape with a low speed drill I went with a 6.03 Promy barrel on mine, research done on ASF has shown 6.03 to be slightly more consistent Teflson cylinders are good but I can't justify the cost when I can polish one and add good nylon cylinder spacers to the outside and get a very similar effect.
  6. Upgrading my echo1 with a FTK from guarder. This is the first time messing with AEG gearboxes but from experience with BASRs the springs don't get longer just stiffer. So I opened up the FTK and the included sp120 spring is almost 2 inches longer than my stock spring. Is this correct? I'm having a hell of a time installing the spring so I'm guessing something's wrong.
  7. Have a mp7, 2 mags, drop leg + cash to trade if you still have it
  8. ER Hop and LRB will greatly increase stabilty even with lighter weight bb's. Granted they allow heavy bbs to have better hop but overall the advantage of having them even with lighter weights is worth the effort.
  9. My first BASR is ready for action. It has an er-hop and LRB for long range stability. Now I'm down to BB selection. Every where I look it seems most folks say heavy weight bb's are the way to go and of course I agree with this to some extent. I'm looking between the Madbull .43s or the Maruzen SGM .29s. From research it seems that the SGM's are definitely #1 in quality. They show almost zero air pockets inside which would make for a highly stable BB. But the Madbull are almost twice the weight. So with in mind that I have a LRB and Er-Hop that will greatly stablize the bb, which would I be better with? Lighter and better quality or heavier and rely on my rifle to help alot with the flight path?
  10. When properly upgraded, the main advantage BASR has over a semi-auto is being very quiet. Semi-autos can perform just as well as a Bolt action but will not be as quiet.
  11. there are several places to play around central oklahoma. go to okairsoft.net to learn about the fields in the area. usually we play every weekend down in norman and every other in harrah.
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