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  1. Selling any of those parts? I could use that loading nozzel as long as it is complete with valve, spring, screws, etc (ready to use) condition.
  2. Most websites selling 5ku have a "warning" as to the fit a finish. 5ku parts are resonable in price but a crap shoot on how well they will fit. However to be fair most slides, barrels etc require some amount of fitting work. I know it is frustrating to spend money and things not work. How in the heck did you spend $300 on just 3 parts? Those parts you listed with problems come no where close to $300??
  3. yea, I am seeing very few interested. I see some old past on differentr forums dating back to around 2007 where it looks like it had a small following at one time. It is a shame really because I feel it could benifit people that was looking for a way to learn shooting. I am not going to give up on it just yet, people like BAM airsoft are helping bring it a lot more attention. Maybe it will grow more in the future. Espically with the cost of bullets/ammo it sure is much cheaper than shooting real steel all the time.
  4. My answer is still the same. Save up for a TM or KWA or get a KJW if you want one now and only want to spend $150.00. For about $40 to $50 more dollars you can have a KWA or TM. My personal choice is TM over KWA but only because of all the upgrade offerings for the TM line of pistols. I have had pretty good luck with some of the HFC line of guns that are pretty cheap but in the end prefer TM, KWA,KJW. Also, KWA offers a 45 day factory direct warranty with a service center in the USA. I would ditch the C02 idea and go with a green gas pistol. Then I would buy a propane adapter and buy and use propane. In the end you will save a ton of money because propane is very cheap compared to green gas and C02. If you start asking about the WE, Cybergun, or any other brand my answer is still the same. TM, KWA, KJW, in that order and I wouldnt buy any other brand.
  5. Your first link is not working but it looks like a 1911 style pistol. The second link isd to some awful looking Glock wanabe mess. If you can afford it stick with either Tokyo Marui or KWA for you gbbp. If you cant afford to go that price range then look at KJW. Once you narrow down from those brands post back up and we can help you from their. If you like 1911 style pistols Tokyo Marui is going to have the most aftermarket support as far as upgrades.
  6. What happen with the problems you were having with the hi-capa??? You never responded back in that thread...
  7. Good place to start. Or change it back to the stock one and see if it goes back to shooting normal. Then you will know that is your problem... One other thing is your propane bottle getting close to empty? If so sometimes it will not charge a magazine fully because it equalizes pressure before it is completly full.
  8. To get back on topic I will add the following that people can do for cheap to improve their Hi-Capa pistols. These mods can be found on the net and will be free to do yourself. Look up the teflon tape mod to the hopup. Turning your stock valves into high flow. Polish your rails of the frame. Do not take off to much material but take it to bare metal then do a high polish with some fine sand paper and polising compound. A dremmel and a polising pad works great for this. These mods are easy and help with performance. I grease my slide and metal to metal contact areas with white lithium grease and all other areas that would have rubber like the bbu, mags, etc I use silicone grease.
  9. Lets call it $120 shipped for the complete lower, AS sear spring and custom stipple. Here is a stipple and paint job I did...
  10. Yea, I can stipple the grips. I cant do anything real fancy but I can do a simple golf ball style pattern.....
  11. I will give you a AS sear spring with that lower. I have a few extra so I will switch the stock one for a AS one for ya. :) Now get that iron out and stipple that grip.... lol
  12. I own one (or two) myself been there done that so thats why I say lets try and narrow it down to what the actual problem is before he starts buying parts and hacking on his gun. Here is one of my "upgraded" Hi-Capa's.....
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