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  1. Just incase you do not know what it is, Bullpup is a firearm configuration in which the action (or mechanism) and magazine are located behind the trigger. This increases the barrel length relative to the overall weapon length, permitting shorter weapons for the same barrel length, saving weight and increasing maneuverability. It alternatively allows for longer barrels on weapons of the same length, improving trajectory and effective range. Personally I do not like this design even though it is proven helpful So yay or nay?
  2. I actually owned a tsd sd702 and it was a great rifle, it felt amazing and looked great, very powerful also, right out of the box I believe it was 530 fps with .20, but the l96's I'm not to fond of like other people have said with the thumb hole it sems like it will just get in the way
  3. I've searched through the forum and didn't find the exact answer I wonted so I just have a few questions. So I know that this conversion kit will up the fps and make the bolt easy enough to pull that a baby could do it But since this is gas will the shots be not as Consistent? How many shots could I get before putting in new c02 if I don't have a regulator? Please include any other info that you know about this it will help out a lot http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/pas-co2-convers...iper-rifle.html
  4. Just mine, it's a very reliable rifle from my experience and I would highly recommend it as a beginning rifle.But if you are willing to spend the money EDI is right
  5. Boonie hats are great for a headpiece on a ghillie, the round brim helps the material from getting and your face and it stays secure. There is a thread at the top of this page that could provide all the information that you require
  6. Is it the TSD SD702 that shoots 530fps with .20's?.If it is then yes that is a very good rifle I owned it for a little bit before I realized the bolt was defected but thats a different story
  7. There are screws on the rail right?, Measure the rail and find a rail with the same length.If I'm not mistaken M4,M16, and M14 rails are similar and just take the old rail off and put the new one on It's not that cost worthy either
  8. Awesome paint job and I feel stupid asking but what's that gun on the right?
  9. For instance SVD's have around 600mm barrels but if you had a good hop-up system it really wouldn't matter the length and have better accuracy than SVD's so I would have to agree with the other guys
  10. http://www.combatsportsupply.com/realsword...ealwoodaeg.aspx So that would overall be a better choice?, and for what reasons?
  11. http://www.airsoftgi.com/mobile/product_in...roducts_id=5800 With an FPS of 370 this gun has an effective range of about 120 feet I'm guessing so my question to you would be that knowing that this is a SVD could this be upgradable to have a increase in FPS, I know it seems crazy but even to sniper rifle range, I don't have a budget so anything would be fine
  12. Only a few days TSD SD702 and it already comes pre upgraded
  13. The gun has been shooting fine until now for some reason, I was taking shots and when I cocked the gun back it immediately went back in, you hear it lock but if you let go of the pressure it slams back in, does anybody know what the problem could be?
  14. no when I press the trigger nothing but if I press it and point the barrel down it rolls out, the bolt doesn't stay back either
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