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  1. Hi sorry for my noobness. I have a CP regulator. I have a questions about connecting it to my setup. Obviously, the CO2 supply connects at the top. Then there are two holes on either side, near the top (where the CO2 connects) and one at the bottom (on the part you turn to adjust pressure). Can the output (line to gun) only be the one at the bottom, or also one of the two on the side of the regulator? (Would be more practical, because of the way I intend to carry the setup, but I think that by doing it that way, it would just send unregulated CO2 to the gun.....Just wanted to check with the more experienced guys here to make sure I get this right). thanks.
  2. Hey man, just wanted to say THANKS for all your vids. Made me buy an M700 and go the CO2 route.
  3. So, Another Newbie question.. (yes I admit, I'm a ultra Newbie) The gun was delivered finally. So I did a couple of "dry firing" (without BB/Gas), no more than 10, and took the bolt out. It it normal to have lost paint already? Bare metal is showing on the two rectangular protrusions that are nearest to the barrel when the bolt is in the rifle, and on sides of the bottom protrusion, near the back (about where the handle sticks out,) I'm guessing this is fairly normal, as you have metal parts in contact and moving, but still am a bit worried..Can anyone confirm this is normal?
  4. Thanks for looking everyone. I was able to find a shop in the Czech replublic (of all places) that had the parts I need, at good prices too. And it's inside the EU, so I won't have to pay taxes/duty.. And, for the people in the same situation: it www.paintballshop.cz (Not only did they have the fittings I needed, but also co2 quick change and remote line...otherwise I think the shipping (€15) would have been too steep for just the fittings) Still, good deal all around..
  5. Right, It appears that the 1/8" NPT fittings (or anything 1/8" NPT, like a tap) are very very hard to get here in the Netherlands. I've went to every hardware store in the area, but no luck. Not even in Webshops.. The only thing I've found is are some ebay listings. I'd need a -1x 1/8" NPT 45 degree elbow male to female (the one used in Brainplay's magazine) -2x 1/8" NPT 90 degree elbow male to female (same one as above, just with 90degree angle) -1x 1/8" NPT male to 1/8" NPT male nipple of about 1,5 inch (to connect regulator to the CO2 source) To get this delivered to me I'd have to pay around $20 (excl taxes and duty). This is a bit steep I think, seeing that the prices listed in this thread are all under $2 per item. So...I was wondering, would anyone of you US peeps be willing to go to the hardware store, pick up these things, and send them to me? I will pay in advance (item costs and shipping) , via PayPal. I know I don't have any references here, but I'm hoping that is not big of a problem. I have 100% ebay rating (hole-nl), although not a lot of transactions.... If this request is illegal or against forum rules, I do apologize. Please delete this post if so. And..thanks for even considering helping me out...cheers. Edit: if anyone knows of a European webshop selling these at decent prices, I'd apreciate that info too!
  6. Thanks! I'm just going with the stock outer barrel, for now at least. Doesn't the flat part affect the way the bucking fits/seals? Perhaps apply some teflon tape, just to be sure? About the groove. Do I have to do it all around (even on the flat part) or just the " round" parts? (afraid to go through the barrel at the flat part, less material there). Did you use a dremel or something else? Does anyone have a picture of this particular barrel (or other brand PSG barrel) fitted to a KJW m700p?
  7. It's a KJW M700 (as per the topic title ;) ). I know about the groove for the bucking. I was just wondering if the flat bit was ' normal' or that I bought a wrong barrel type
  8. Hi. I just took delivery of my Madbull tighbore, and I think I might have ordered the wrong one :S It's the Madbull MB-BP650 (Black Python Ver II for PSG-1). This one http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...m_for_PSG_1.htm It is flattened near the hole for the hop-up. Will this fit?
  9. Do I understand correctly that you will lose pressure when you reload BBs (without detaching the co2 rig?) if you don't use a quick slide and disconnect the mag before reloading? Will this regulator work: http://cgi.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/Custom-Products-Regula...e7#ht_500wt_922 Thanks again. ..and now to find someone who will actually ship this stuff to Europe :S
  10. Ok, first of all: sorry for resurrecting this thread from the depths of the Internet and sorry for my ignorance in matters of these types of rigs. I want to convert my KJW M700 to HPA/CO2 but have a few questions. I hope the more experienced people here don't mind answering them. Here we go: - As pressure is regulated, I'm assuming it will be no problem to adjust for FPS to be BELOW 500 fps with .2's (field limits :S). Can anyone confirm? - What is the added advantage over using a quick disconnect near the magazine instead of a custom fitting? (I will be using a slide check aswell) - The regulators listed in this thread (and others I have found), seem to be either discontinued of very hard to obtain. (new, I've found some on ebay etc). Would you have reservations about using a second hand unit? If I wanted to buy a new unit, which (currently available) brands/types would you guys recommend? Thank you for your help!
  11. Yeah, I forgot to order a bucking...so I'll take care of that. What do you mean with the trimming the bit that sticks out past the 2 part chamber? BTW did you cut a groove in your Madbull or not? Also, would a 3000PSI/200 bar 0.8liter HPA tank be sufficient for say one day of skirmishes? (this one)
  12. Thanks Brainplay, I was hoping you'd chime in. Good news all around that is. Didn't like the prospect of the inner barrel sticking out, but the Madbull was all I can afford now...otherwise I'd have gotten a correct sized EdGI. I've been reading your guide to converting the mag to accept a remote gas rig (several times). That will be my next project. I was just wondering, do you normally run it with the CO2 (bottle? cartridges?) or with HPA.
  13. Hi Guys, I've just ordered a KJW M700P and a Madbull 650mm tightbore and have a couple of questions about the installation. - A lot of people suggest drilling the end cap of the barrel to allow the longer Madbull to "poke through". Does anyone have pictures of the installation process or the end result? How much does it stick out - Is is possible, instead of drilling the end cap, to shorten the Madbull so it will fit inside the existing outer barrel? - How does one attach a (mock) silencer or muzzle brake (to "disguise" the Madbull sticking out). Is this different compared to attaching it without the tightbore sticking out? Thanks for any suggestions/pics/answers/advice you might have.
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