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  1. G&G LR300 with burnt bronze ceracote and 416D-style stock.
  2. Night vision is currently for sale on eBay. http://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/itm/261653684483?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649. Add your bid and get a good deal. Admins, please lock this thread. Thanks,
  3. Bump. Make me an offer on the auto mag or scope.
  4. Silencer SOLD. Night scope will be going up on eBay soon if it doesn't sell.
  5. Comms are SOLD. Make me an offer on the rest. Really want to get this stuff sold.
  6. -Shipping is included in all prices -Not interested in trades at this point -Paypal required -All prices negotiable, but I'm pretty firm -Message me if you have questions 1. Selling a like-new Yukon Night Vision Monocular/Scope with rail attachment and built-in laser. I bought this a couple years ago to use for airsoft, but I've never played a night game since. It's in perfect working order. Other than testing it a few times in the back yard at night, it has sat in its box since I bought it. Also good for varmint hunting, night time surveillance, zombie uprisings and/or general late-night frivolity. Features: -Can be used as Monocular or mounted on a standard rail -Rail mount has a built in red-dot laser w/ pressure switch -3x42 magnification -Has a built in IR illuminator -Comes with original box & storage bag. This particular Yukon NVM isn't produced anymore, but you can get the specs on it at http://www.opticsplanet.com/yukon-nvmt-3x42-rifle-scope-kit-26041.html. Looking for $210 shipped. 2. SCAR silencer with flashhider and trades. Very good condition. $35 shipped 3. Auto feeding M4 mag (unknown brand). Works great. Uses AAA batteries. Holds roughly 800 rounds. Sound activated feeding. Looks battle worn but not operational issues. $35 shipped. 4. Two Motorolla, 1-pin radios. Work perfectly, I just upgraded my comms recently. Includes charger. $30 shipped. 5. Z-Tac headset for Motorolla. Used only once. Works well. $20 shipped. I'll give you a good deal on the Motorollas and headset together. Proof of Life (read in a Russell Crowe voice).
  7. Since there aren't any prices, I assume everything is FREE. In that case, I'll take it all.
  8. I still own the LR300 although I never get a chance to use it because it's my backup's backup.
  9. Over the years, it's seemed like I've changed weapons like I change underwear (once about every 10 days or so). But I think this current arsenal is here to stay...at least for a long while. I can't imagine selling any of these or finding something I like better. Feel free to comment...just don't be a douche. 1. First up is my Stoner64. This has been my primary for a few years now, and I absolutely love it. Suits my playing style perfectly. It's shooting about 425 at about 33 RPS on an 11v. Also included in the pic is my stand-alone m203, which I use to launch TAG grenades. Those are super fun too. 2. Next is my newest gun, and it'll probably become my new primary (sorry Stoner). G&P base with SPR front kit, but the real gem is the custom handguard. Shooting 420 at 18 RPS with 7.4v. And I have plans to get this cerakoted soon. 3. Last is my backup, a G&G LR300 that I've had for a long time. However, I recently had it cerakoted with Burnt Bronze. Love the two-tone look. Shoots 380 at 25 RPS or so. Good for when I play CQB.
  10. Out of curiosity, can you cerakote optics? And if so, do you need to remove the lens before the process?
  11. I no longer own any of these guns (my arsenal changes all the time), but I figured I'd post some of my paint jobs from the past few years. 1. First up is my M60 with "battle-worn metal" paint job. Pic also shows a real (demilled) M72 that I converted to use airsoft grenades. 2. Two different G36s, one with MC and the other with a custom paint scheme to match the growth here in Florida. 3. KWA SR-12 with same Florida paint scheme 4. My "post-apocalyptic" MP5 5. My "WW2 Thompson" 6. Last but not least, the one rifle here that I do still own. It's an LR300 that's been cerakoted with burnt bronze by Warrior Kustoms.
  12. Thanks guys. Custom designed it from www.unique-ars.com. Great company if anyone is looking for...well...a unique handguard.
  13. Looking for a metal M4 "birdcage" style flash hider. Not overly concerned about exterior condition since it'll be part of a tracer unit. Needs to be counter clockwise threads. PM me if you have something. I have several small items I can trade: -M4 flash hider w/ clockwise threads -KAC flash hider w/ trades -flashlight -flip up iron sights -vertical grip -other stuff
  14. My new SPR build. G&P base with custom handguard, angled iron sights, and Mako PTK.
  15. My new build. G&P base with custom handguard, angled iron sights, and Mako PTK.
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