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  1. So are you saying that the actual launcher itself is basically just making the shell shoot? I would prefer a standalone and probably the m79. The only other one to compare it to is the CAW m79 but that has some plastic. Is fps all about the shell that you use? And for the nerf ammo like you said, would someone actually feel it if you shot them with it?
  2. Ok, so my birthday is coming up and I think I want to get a grenade launcher because I love the style of having huge shells and the variety of ones you can use that all fit the same gun. I know that they are practically shotguns, but I've seen some shells that shoot rubber bullets/paintballs/and large rubber balls(lol). So im wondering what to get. My first choice is the King Arms M79 long version: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=8360 The only thing is that I haven't seen is many reviews but the ones I have say its the best M79 that you can buy. I like the m79 because its a break barrel style and single shot which is cool. Next on my choices is the ICS GLM: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=8123 I like this but the only thing that I don't like is the stock which im wondering if it can be removed and the rails. But the 6 shot style is cool, even though it would take me forever to buy all 6 shells. So im basically deciding between these two. I think the M79 is much better made because its all metal and real wood unlike the m23 which is plastic. I've seen the CAW m23 but that is wayy to much. So if you could tell me what you think of the two and also I need to know what are some good shells to buy. Thanks
  3. Ok, so I ordered a new spring(long story) and it came with the bolt and all. Im replacing the spring with my old one so I took out the new spring, with the cylinder, etc. Im just wondering, the new spring is covered with grease and theres blobs of it all over the thing thats yellow. The old spring doesn't have this much oil. Should I rub the blobs around the spring or take it all off and put my silicone oil on it?
  4. I think it would better to put this in the sniper section, just because it has to do more with optics. Anyways, there pretty popular and have good customer service.
  5. I have the same gun as you. It is an outstanding gun, I total recommend
  6. I think the UTG is compatable, but im not really the tech guy...don't trust me xD
  7. There was an airsoftcon at Evike not to long ago
  8. Yeah, they probably weren't handmade
  9. Since, it's new I never checked. Do you think if I sent Leapers an email, they would send me one for free? under warrenty
  10. Ok, well I left my sniper cocked for about 2 days(I was working on it). Maybe a few hours less. It's basically brand new, I have only had it for a few weeks and im scared that the spring might be compressed. I went to shot it and it seemed fine but im not sure. I don't have any money to spend for a new one and I don't want to because it's new. What do I do?
  11. Would it be bad to buy one from an Army surplus store by me?
  12. I don't have anything special, just wanted to be cool and put mine up here XD
  13. So PDI hop-up fits right? Also, how much and where did you get it from?
  14. Yup, they have great service.(Leapers) Also, the UTG doesn't take too much to become a decent sniper rifle, all you need is a better barrel, hop-up, and if you would like a better trigger-system.
  15. gotmilk24

    UTG or TSD?

    Go with a the UTG, thats what I have. There pretty much the same as far as I know, but do some research on similarities
  16. Yeah, im going to trying it out and if its better I'll post it
  17. Well, If the cork didn't fit all the way I was just going to wrap the outside a little more with electrical tape. I don't want to use all electrical tape because this would last longer and most likely be more effective because its cork
  18. So I have cork from wine bottles(my parents) and it seems very nice for a piece of cork. Its very smooth and not like other pieces of cork. I was going to drill a whole the size of my barrel and use three of them. I heard cork is good for absorbing vibration and I thought this might be better than the stock ones in my UTG MK96. It's just an idea and was wondering if it was good? Here is a pictures:
  19. Bump, was having second thoughts
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