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    Airsoft is awesome but I also like to ski surf lax play soccer I love music I'm just a very involved person.

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    AGM VSR-10 AGM L96. Those ones are junk.. but my prized replica is my UTG L96.
  1. Okay so I have now upgraded my UTG L96 with a madbull v2 6.03 tightbore, PDI hop up chamber, prom soft bucking, new piston ingternals(metal, and an M170 spring. I am using (temporarily, until my .40s arrive) .28gram BBs and it shoots amazingly far and accurately for the amount of upgrades I put into it and considering it is using such light BBs. I can hit a torso from 280' about 3/5 times. I would like to think that the amount of time I've spent tuning this gun has made this range possible, but still I'm not so sure. Are these normal results? Can anyone clarify? I feel as if it's much better than I expected. (I'M NOT COMPLAINING!!!!!!!!) XD In two weeks when I get back from vacation and after my BBs arrive I'll post up a video of it shooting 90+ yards.
  2. Well it didnt really work so well initially when I tried to fit it in the chamber with the Prom purple soft bucking. But I just used a little WD-40 (lube) and bam! it worked. So maybe I wasnt supposed to do that but it works very nicely now.
  3. Yeah I got it haha thanks everyone! I just greased it up a bit and it was fine. Thanks again!
  4. IS it supposed to be so hard to get in the chambeR?
  5. For some reason I can't fit the prometheus soft purple bucking in with my madbull 6.03 v2 tightbore in my APS2 PDI chamber?? Please help!
  6. So my UTG L96 has been a work in progress for a long time, and I'm nearing the end of my upgrade list for it. The upgrades in it and arriving today are as follows: PDI hop up chamber (arriving today) Prom purple soft bucking (arriving today) 6.03 madbull v2 tightbore upgrade set that has: all new piston internals m170 spring I have set the barrel spacers extremely well so that's good but I am going to need a trigger system. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking a King Arms Lightweight.. but I'm not sure about compatibility and reliability.
  7. I am in almost the exact same situation as you! Just today I posted something like this.. I ordered the hop up chamber(PDI) last week. I've heard great things about it. The lightweight trigger does exist and I found it for 90$ at http://www.dentrinityshop.com/pr_list.jsp?...SPA&bid=APS. All I need is confirmation of the compatibility of the UTG L96 and this trigger. (REALLY SORRY TO BRING BACK AN OLD POST BUT I'D LIKE TO KNOW THIS AS WELL)
  8. I was just wondering if the KA lightweight trigger would work in my UTG L96.
  9. I'm not totally sure what you mean by your 220$ budget.. is 220$ with upgrades? Or just the gun itself? For 220$ total, I'd say.. I'd say the UTG L96 and a new hop up chamber (PDI chamber) is one of my top picks for ~220$. Next I'd say maybe like a A&K SVD but I'm not really sure what kind of upgrades there are available. For some reason I feel like I heard they don't have aftermarket parts.. For 220$ plus some more for upgrades, I'd go with a TM VSR G-Spec. With just a few upgrades, you can get an extremely reliable and relatively accurate/powerful gun. But uhm idk about that Echo 1 gun.. never used it or anything.. -Connor
  10. I'd say 13+ but until you're 18 you need a signed waiver. Full privileges for everybody.
  11. Hey I'm looking for a cheap zerotrig I can buy from someone. Having been through moderate use is alright I just don't have too much cash right now.
  12. I understand that fps doesnt factor too much into range, but I'm just wondering for safety purposes. Around 230 or 250 is what I was hoping for with range. The m170 spring is leapers brand. As for what nub.. I'm not even sure exactly what that is.. care to explain? :)
  13. Connor2882

    Upgraded UTG L96

    So I got a UTG L96 a while ago and since then I've slowly been adding upgrades. I recently order a PDI APS2 hop up chamber which has yet to arrive, but as it stands this is my upgrade list: Madbull 6.03v2 tightbore purple prom. soft bucking piston kit new m170 spring (I think..) and my own mods are: teflon tape mod and I made the barrel spacers stay even. Does anyone know what this should chrono at? And any idea what the range will be like with .3s or .28s or something maybe a little heavier? And any suggestions for other upgrades are welcome! Thanks!
  14. I did a calculation and judging by this chart almost exactly the same amount of energy is absorbed no matter what BB. Just do a BB weight/joules ratio and find out.
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