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  1. Im going to order the SR10 next week, but ive heard that KWA have mag fit issues. I don't want to buy only KWA mags. What other mags fit? And any other problems with this gun? Im dropping the cash on this gun to avoid having to upgrade any time soon just plug a lipo and run.
  2. I find it hard to believe a longer barrel doesnt affect accuracy. I want a long barrel and good hop up as my current guns lack accuracy at longer distances
  3. Hi guys, im looking at a new AEG and im in between the M14 new for around $90 from Airsoft GI vs the Lancer Tactical FAL for $135 used. Im not sure how you guys feel about both of these guns. Im looking for a longer range gun that I can take on the field, not an actual DMR as I want full auto, and be able to maneuver it around the field. Not sure on internals of these currently have a JG Mp5 and a CMO35A AK74U so definitely looking into something longer. Major plan is to get an SR10 but im not sure if either of these are good "in the meanwhile" guns.
  4. So a big box from ASGI showed up today. I quickly tore it open and found my CM.035A along with a 9.6v battery, smart charger and a few Hi Caps, along eith a chest rig, goggles, 5000 .25g BBs and a sling. I have both the stock battery and the 9.6v charging, but im not sure whether I need to adjust anything, or lube anything before I start ahooting away
  5. What do you guys consider better? MAG brand or LCT? just got my gun in today and already itching for more than 3 hi caps
  6. Hmm....do you have some pics? And by who are they manufactured
  7. Hey guys I was wondering if you could suggest some Midcaps to buy for my new CYMA CM035A. Only bought 2 hicaps with it, and id like tl have at least half a dozen Midcaps, I hate the rattle of hi caps. Only brqnd ive seen so far in packs are MAG brand. Are these pretty reliable? I'd take any AK74 style mag, magpuls look awesome but they are $30 a pop
  8. Well I went with just the AK, plus 2 high caps, a chest rig, 9.6V intelect battery, sling, bbs and face protection. Now I have to find midcaps for it, and slowly find s field gun since I like long range shots but this will do for now. Any adcice on midcaps? And any upgrades I should maybe consider soon?
  9. I think im going to pick up the AK since its only $82, plus a hi cap, 9.6v battery and a few thousand bbs. Although I am also considering buying a second gun at the same time, this one for field (doubt the AK would be any good at anything but field). Which bringa that G36c and MTC 2 back into consideration. I don't like G36 Mags, M4 mags are almost a must due to cost. Would the MTC 2 be a worthy, low risk buy? EDIT: I just saw the Elite Force ARX 160 back in Stock at ASGI.com. here is where MY AK will come from, and id like to order all together. The price seems right, with both guns and accessories (chest rig, BBs, spare hi caps, glasses) I should be around $300
  10. What I like about these guns is they come with batteries, all look different from your run of the mill M4, and they seem to all be withun budget. Performance wise, how would you guys rank them? I do like accuracy, the AK would probably get a red dot sight right off the bat(accepting suggestions on that), I like the iron sights on the JG, not sure where these guns stand as far as performance though.
  11. Hmm...the more I look at it the more im Into non M4 guns. Echo 1 has the MTC line and the XCR(long and short). Im curious about those and the JG G36c, only worried about mags with the JG
  12. Are CYMA AKs decent out of the box? I see the CM 035A AK74u on sale. I wouldnt mind buying a gun and throwing in some parts in to it (that wouldnt require tuning). Barrel length is a concern but overall quality is my main concern. I was reading reviews and read that the KWA CQR had wobbly front sights, don't mind plastic bodies. My first choice was. JG G36c but I canr find them, I remember using one a couple years ago and it waa a great deal at around $130. Seemed like a great deal, only considered getting the magwell conversion, as M4mags are so easy to find
  13. Sorry I hit send too soon. I meant to say accuracy is important to me more than ROF as I can upgrade that later. Also, how are Matrix guns? I saw Evike has their Proline M4 for 180 I believe. It looks like a nice solid gun, would only swap front hand guard. And any word on the ARX 160?
  14. As compared to say combat machine externals. One thing I hate is a wobbly sight on a gun. Id rather have a lower rof and upgrade motor/battery than have a fast shooting gun that can shoot straight
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