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  1. I know, now I am wondering if its just an issue with that particular buzzer alarm. It sucks because I only have 1 buzzer alarm although I have ordered a battery meter that displays the actual voltage. So when that arrives I can test the battery and the buzzer alarm and figure out which is the culprit. For now I'll just have to stick to my nicd's/nimh's here's a video of it I just took. If you look really close you can see the LED below the 2green LED light up red while the alarm is sounding
  2. ohh ok that makes sense now lol. So on all your lipo's you guys don't have a low voltage indicator/alarm connected during games?
  3. Hey everyone, I am new to lipo batteries and I just got myself the Turnigy Accucel-6 50W 6A Balancer/Charger & power supply, a 7.4v 2200mah lipo battery 20c constant 30c peak discharge & and cheap buzzer alarm indicator from ebay capable of monitoring lipos from 2s to 4s. I just (as in less than 1hr ago) balance charged my lipo battery with my new turnigy charger and the charger displayed the correct total voltage for the 2s battery (8.4v) but it only displayed 1028 for the mah. Now I am correct in assuming that my charger is only displaying the mah from 1 individual cell and not the total of the 2 cells combined or is there an issue with my battery? also I connected my buzzer/alarm to the balance plug on my battery and fired my aeg once in semi and all is good, then if I do a back to back semi automatic fire (like 3 shots in quick succession) the alarm goes off for a brief second and I can see the led's on it switch to red then right back to green. Is that normal or do I need a more powerful battery or do I not leave my buzzer/alarm connected all the time and just check it after every game or so? below are links to the products I am using charger http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbycity/store/u...?idProduct=7028 battery http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbycity/store/u...idProduct=14972 buzzer/alarm (similar to this, can't link the ebay page) http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbycity/store/%...2s%5F4s%5F.html
  4. thanks for clarifying about the resistors. I think im going to just get a 7.4v lipo and charger and use that and familiarize myself with lipo usage.
  5. thanks for the info everyone. I didn't know that the 7.4v lipo's didn't need a mosfet. I think I may take this route instead. I'm gonna have to read up on using lipo batteries :)
  6. ok I just got back into airsoft about 2 months ago and I'm looking to get some new batteries but would rather not be spending money on nimd/nicad batteries when I could be buy lipo's for about the same amount and have better performance. So I would like to upgrade my jg m4 to be lipo ready. I've been reading up on lipo batteries and I found that to use them a mosfet is required. But the first thing I am going to do is build and install a mosfet and completely rewire my gearbox and switch to deans connectors. Next step would be gearbox upgrades/prep and then purchase lipo batteries and charger. Right now I would like to get a mosfet installed and then later down the road do the rest of the steps to go lipo. I want to make a mosfet myself as I have most of the parts but I do have a few questions and any info/suggestions would be very much appreciated. 1) can the stock jg m4 gearbox handle a lipo battery with a mosfet installed? if not what upgrades would be necessary? (I've learned that in order to go lipo the gearbox must be shimmed GOOD and piston adjusted for AOE) 2) resistors, do they have a polarity? ex. can I solder it one way and if that was reversed would it make a difference? 3) what are the little plugs that connect to the motor called? where can I find them?
  7. I just had the same problem with my JG m4 and it turned out being one of the following(don't know which as I did all 3 at the same time) hopup nub hopup bucking dirty barrel(clean the barrel) but yea as Dusti69 suggested its most likely a problem with the hopup bucking and/or nub
  8. indeed it is hard to say how long it will last but I think that it should be pretty secure due to the super glue
  9. thanks for the help everyone I was able to fix the issue. I replaced the hopup bucking/nub and also cleaned the barrel and the gun shoots great now.
  10. this has happened to me before and it sux. I stripped out the threads for the longer motor plate screw and what I did was just screwed in the smaller screw and very tightly electrical taped the other end, it works but it's definitely a temporary solution because after a few days the electrical tape will begin to stretch and you'll have to re tape it. After I found this out I got a wood-type screw that was just a bit bigger than the motor plate screw and forced it into my grip making new threads. It holds good but I don't know how many times it will survive being taken out for gun maintenance.
  11. that looks like a M60 style bipod, I have no idea where you can buy one though sry
  12. just cheaper, I rarely have enough items I need to qualify for the free shipping promotions that some US retailers have so I am looking for sites that have better prices and/or without paying more in shipping than the item costs itself
  13. ok looking down the bore of the barrel with the hopup on lowest setting, the hopup spacer doesn't protrude through the bucking into the barrel. So I am just going to replace the bucking with a spare. Question though, the old bucking is alot smaller length-wise and the barrel spacer can fit infront of the C clamp that holds the barrel in place. I just cut the new bucking to the same length correct?
  14. WHOA! thank you verisimilitude
  15. are there any other airsoft websites out there like ehobbyasia? like that sell airsoft supplies from overseas at a lower cost.
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