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  1. Holy long time thread revival batman! Well, bit of an update. Been super busy with work and flooded with other things. Also been focusing on real steel alot more lately. As for my previous post, I was actually sent a replica Weesatch instead of an HSGI one (Which, sucks.) Solved that issue. Just recently won this and deciding to get back into the Airsoft way of things for fun. So, I managed to score this for decently cheap off of ebay! Things to look forward to: Redoing my primary AEG Finishing my LM4 build Actually using my TM FN5-7 Fixing up my TM Hi-Capas Building a 1911 to mimic my real steel Hopefully finding a decent M&P replica to mimic my real steel Ordering lots of Tacos
  2. Aye, planned on getting the KYWI inserts since this one was SUPPOSED to be a real HSGI. Got it in the mail. Made in china tag... -.- ffs. Guy seems to be cool and is taking care of it though. Just really disappointed.
  3. Super pleased with the items I've gotten from them, so I have considered it. Will most likely end up with that or a Flyye 6094 eventually. Also... HSGI Weesatch in the mail :3
  4. Welp, sad day. Looks like I'll be replacing my Pantac Weesatch. Last op it decided to tear apart once again. Which, honestly wasnt super surprising considering the P.O. blew it apart due to a grenade in one of the pouches going off. Funny thing is it decided to tear apart when my primary was down and I was running my sidearm all day as commander. Looks like I'm redoing my 2nd line now. Blackhawk side hydration carrier in coyote tan Warrior Assault Systems Atacs FG admin panel Smoke green HSGI shoulder pads Then figure out what pouches I want to run. On the lookout for a Mayflower APC or flyye 6094 now >_< Or, hell... get an HSGI satch. Ohh... good chance to finish my SASR or 2 Cdo loadout if this works out too >.>
  5. As the title states, I'm looking for a replacement for my Pantac Weesatch. The items I want are listed uptop. If you have something I might be interested in thats not listed, feel free to offer it up. APC and 6094a must be L/XL Battlebelt must be XL and above. Would prefer an HSGI Weesatch or Wasatch and not another Pantac. Not looking for a cheapie battlebelt setup. Would prefer an HSGI Suregrip. Colors accepted:Prefer Coyote tan, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Multicam or Atacs FG. Not a huge fan of OD/ACU or AOR1/2 but feel free to offer. Would prefer to trade or do trades + cash. Trades Available:Loads of random items available. Also have plenty of non-airsoft related items available for trade aswell.
  6. Buddy of mine wanted a video of my build. So Viola. Had a fun lil 6 hour Milsim event where I played a Soviet commander here locally. May need to post some information on that soon :p
  7. Finally started working on getting the kit together a bit more. Yay for more goodies. Looks like I can finally ditch that 3.0l Camel
  8. Aye, I like it aswell. But the Riser should look better once I get the correct optic I have in mind for it. Plus that should be going back on my SPR xD Thankfully this Riser works loads better and actually raises the sight where I want it.
  9. Almost done. Still waiting on some more parts but finally got my riser in and some paint.
  10. Almost done. Still waiting on some more parts but finally got my riser in and some paint.
  11. Still waiting on some parts to finish her up, but slowly getting there. Smith supressor is for when running the 455mm Prommy. Shorter setup runs the 300mm. (Battery bag is getting nixxed and rewired to the buffer tube once more parts come in, aswell as other items to get rid of the swan sleeve and get my BUIS back on.) Once everything is finished up it's time for paint.
  12. Wasnt sure if I pointed this out already. But you tried the Soap method? Before a game I'll take my lens, clean it off with some water and dry em off. Then while its dry, coat it with soap (I use dawn dish soap but most soap works) and give it a generous rub/coating all over on both sides. (You don't want it to bubble up so it has to be dry lenses). Then I leave it in the sun or wherever to dry for about 15-20 minutes. Once its dried, I take a clean dry towel and wipe it all off. No fog for a day or so. Took my ESS out a few days ago that I did that to after a month and still no fog.
  13. Yessir! Atacs FG is win in TN. And yeppers, got an extension/14mm cw to ccw adapter otw.
  14. Thanks guys <3 Lovin Atacs FG so far in TN. Just blends, magicly. Still have a few more tweaks/items to get then its starting on my Multicam loadout.
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